WATCH: Trump Responds To NY Times Tax ‘Bombshell’ Story (VIDEO)


A reporter asked President Trump, “There’s a New York Times story that came out about an hour ago that says that when you came to the White House, you were paying about seven hundred fifty dollars a year in federal income tax. They are not releasing that-. They are not publishing the tax returns. They’re not showing that out there. They’re saying to protect their sources. In your tax returns, sir, does that sound right that you were paying a couple hundred dollars in federal income taxes?”

President Trump responds, “No. It’s fake news. It’s totally fake news. Made up. Fake. We went through the same story as you can harass me. The same questions, four years ago, I had to litigate this and talk about it. Totally fake news. No, actually, I paid tax, but-. And you’ll see that as soon as my tax returns. It’s under order. They’ve been under order for a long time. The IRS does not treat me well. They treat me like the Tea Party, like they treated the Tea Party. And they don’t treat me well. They treat me very badly. You have people in the IRS. The way they treat me very, very badly. But they’re under audit. And when they’re not. I would be proud to show you. But that’s just fake news. The New York Times tried to do the same thing. They want to create a little bit of a story, a little bit. They’re doing anything they can. Not only that’s the least of it. I mean, the stories that I read are so fake. They’re so phony.”

The reporter asked, “Did they tell you this is going to come out today?”

Trump responds, “No, I didn’t know anything about it.”

The New York Times released a story claiming that Trump did not pay any federal taxes that 10 out of 15 years since 2000 and only $750 in 2016 and 2017.

The reporter continues, “On the New York Times story thought. You have to understand that when Americans read that may have paid only a few hundred dollars in federal income tax per year, that seems very low for someone who’s a billionaire.”

Trump stated, “So basically they’re saying I paid nothing.”

Another reported asked, “Can you give people an idea how much you actually are paying?”

Trump then responds, “Yeah, basically. Well, first of all, I paid a lot and I put a lot of state income taxes too. The New York State, charges a lot, and I paid a lot of money in state. It’ll all will be revealed, it’s going to come out. But after the audit is-. After the-. I’m being-. They are doing their assessment. We’ve been negotiating for a long time. Things got settled like in the IRS. But right now, when you’re under audit, you don’t do it. You don’t do that. So we’re under audit. But the story is a total fake. And all of us, this was you know, we had the same exact questions usually asked by the same people. And that took place four years ago. You remember this was so well litigated. It’s incredible. If you look at the filings I have I think I have one hundred and eight pages of filings for all these different companies that do very well, obviously, because the filings and nobody talks about that. You’ll learn much more if you look at those filings and we have to file every single year, but you’ll learn much more if you look at those filings, those filings are very complete. They’re very big. They’re very powerful. They’re very accurate. And those are the filings that you learn much more. And when it’s done, but when you’re under audit, you just don’t release them.”

Trump continued when another reports tries to make a statement, “And again, they treat me. They treat me. They treat me very-“

The reporter then cuts in stating, “Tell us what you paid the federal tax, sir.”

Trump responds, “I didn’t call on you. I’m talking to him. You should be more respectful of this gentleman. You’re very rude to him. But I will tell you that I look forward to releasing that. I look forward to releasing many things. I’m going to release many things and people will be really shocked. But The New York Times has been doing fake story after fake story. I’ve never seen anything like it. And people understand it. And people-. That’s why the media has such a low approval rating now because of what they’ve done.”

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