Politics: Uhm... what (Picture)


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  1. I am pro-choice...not pro-infantcide.

    To help Christians that may find my comment here in general get a better idea on what happens to Soul whose physical body has been aborted...I suggest reading some early Christian her/history for starters⚡

    Reincarnation: The Church's Biggest Lie

    In the year 553 A.D., 165 Church officials condemned reincarnation. Prior to that time, it had been a fundamental Christian teaching: following the trail of a conspiracy that changed the world.

    Reincarnation is a fact. That it is no longer a part of today’s Christian beliefs is due to one power-hungry woman who had all references to reincarnation in the early Bible removed. A seemingly small act with historical consequences: how different would the history of the last two millennia have been if mankind had known that they themselves would reap the fruit of their (mis)deeds in a future earthly life—that they would have to sleep in the beds they had made?!



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