NAACP Chapter President: Being A Police Officer ‘Is A Choice,’ ‘No Such Thing As Blue Lives’

According to NAACP chapter president Bishop Talbert Swan, there is “no such thing as Blue Lives” because police choose to do their jobs whereas black people do not choose the color of their skin.
In a Twitter post on Saturday, the NAACP Greater Springfield president said that while the death or murder of a police officer is a terrible tragedy, it does not have the same implication as a black person being gunned down by police.
“There’s no such thing as BLUE LIVES… Stop comparing your JOB with my LIFE… Your CAREER is a choice, my BLACKNESS isn’t. #BlackLivesMatter  #BlueLivesMatter,” he tweeted.
“No one deserves to be unjustly murdered, police or citizens,” he continued. “If you’re expressing outrage over the shooting of two sheriff’s deputies, but we’re [sic] defending #KyleRittenhouse murdering two protesters in #Kenosha only days ago, you need to shut up and have a seat.”
Bishop Talbert Swan’s tweet comes after two sheriff’s deputies were shot in their patrol car parked by a metro station in Compton, California.
As The Daily Wire reported:
Two deputies with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were shot Saturday as they sat in their patrol vehicle near a metro station in Compton, California, the department said Saturday evening.
The deputies, one male and one female, were both shot “multiple times” and are currently in critical condition and undergoing surgery, according to the department.
ABC News later reported that the two deputies were taken out of surgery and were in critical condition.
“The two deputies are out of surgery and in critical condition. Both shot multiple times by this suspect who casually walked up, pulled out a gun, and shot them through the passenger side window. The suspect then took off,” reported Alex Stone of ABC News.
Talbert Swan is not the only activist to irreverently respond to the news about the shooting of two officers. Following the incident, leftist think tank The Gravel Institute said that “blue lives” simply don’t matter.
“On Saturday night, soon after two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies seated in their patrol car were shot in the head in an ambush in Compton, a leftist think tank called The Gravel Institute responded to a tweet stating, ‘Say it with me: blue lives matter,’ by replying, ‘Say it with me: they don’t,'” reported The Daily Wire.
Former Vice President Joe Biden condemned the violence as “unconscionable” while President Trump suggested the perpetrator should get the death penalty.
“This cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice,” Biden said on Twitter after the shooting. “Violence of any kind is wrong; those who commit it should be caught and punished. Jill and I are keeping the deputies and their loved ones in our hearts and praying for a full recovery.”
“Animals that must be hit hard!” Trump wrote in one tweet. “If [the deputies] die, fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!” the president later added.

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