‘Black Lives Don’t Matter To Democrats’: GOP Candidate Releases Viral Ad Crushing Dems

On Monday, Republican strategist and congressional GOP candidate Kimberly Klacik released an ad slamming Democrats for their apparently fake concern for black lives, highlighting the devastation in Democrat-run cities, particularly Baltimore.  
Klacik is the Republican nominee running for the seat of late Congressman Elijah Cummings in Maryland’s ninth district.
“Democrats don’t want you to see this,” Klacik captioned the ad, which was viewed over 700,000 times in three hours. “They’re scared that I’m exposing what life is like in Democrat-run cities. That’s why I’m running for Congress. Because All Black Lives Matter. Baltimore Matters. And black people don’t have to vote Democrat.”
The brutal ad features Klacik walking through the streets of Baltimore, where there are broken windows, destroyed buildings, and abandoned homes. 
“Do you care about black lives? The people who run Baltimore don’t. I can prove it, walk with me. They don’t want you to see this,” Klacik says in the ad, before strolling through the devastated city.
Walking by boarded up and rundown buildings, the congressional hopeful continues, “This is the reality for black people every single day: crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty, and crime.”
“Baltimore has been run by the Democrat Party for 53 years,” she says. “What is the result of their decades of leadership? Baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in America. The murder rate in Baltimore is ten times the U.S. average. The Baltimore poverty rate is over 20%. Homicide, drug, and alcohol deaths are skyrocketing in our city.”
“Do you believe black lives matter? I do. The vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against black people, who make up 60% of the population. So why don’t we care about our communities?” she asks.
“The Democrat Party have betrayed the black people of Baltimore. If the politicians walked the streets like I do, they would see exactly how their policies and corruption affects us. But they don’t wanna see it. They don’t want you to see this.”
The ad then features three black residents, two males and one female, being asked if they want the police defunded — a rallying cry for Democrats. All three vehemently decline, noting of the violence that would ravage the city further without police.
“It’s not just Baltimore,” Klacik says. “The worst place for a black person to live in America is a Democrat-controlled city. It’s 2020, name a blue city where black people’s lives have gotten better.”
“Democrats think black people are stupid,” the Republican asserts. “They think they can control us forever, that we won’t demand better, that we’ll keep voting for them, forever, despite what they’ve done to our families and our communities.”
“Are they right?” asks Klacik.
Last year, Klacik posted viral video posts on Twitter exposing the devastation in Baltimore, backing up claims from President Donald Trump concerning the city, which the media claimed were racially-charged.

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