Watch: Mob Forces Woman Out of Stores for Not Wearing a Mask

A New York woman who was not wearing a mask while out shopping was shamed into leaving a store by a group of enraged customers in a video that has gone viral online.
The video was filmed in a Staten Island ShopRite location two weeks ago, CBS News reported, but it only recently caught fire online.
In the video, a group of shoppers use expletives and intimidation tactics to force a woman pushing a shopping cart out of the store empty-handed.
The thugs even went as far as to call her disgusting names as they intimidated her.
The altercation occurred after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made masks mandatory for New Yorkers who are unable to practice social distancing.
But Cuomo doesn’t need the help of law enforcement to enforce the order. Apparently some fearful citizens are willing to enforce the policy on each other.
In the era of the coronavirus, people who make personal health choices or question the efficacy of wearing masks are being targeted.
In the Staten Island video, all that screaming and face touching probably created a more dangerous situation, at least with that we know this month about the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
But the official line is that if you don’t wear a mask, you’re a killer — and many people have latched onto the idea that they are heroic for wearing masks, and that those who don’t are monsters.
That is of course not to denigrate those who do choose to wear one, but people must be free to decide.
We don’t know the full context of the video, but how did these shoppers know this woman didn’t have an immunity to the virus?
We can thank our media for politicizing the subject of masks and for stigmatizing those who don’t wear them — and we can blame mixed government messaging for partially creating an environment that would see a woman in an American store forced out by a mob for not covering her face.
If you’ll recall, public health experts initially warned us not to wear masks. While the experts are now touting facial coverings, their initial comments give people a reason to question the practice as they make their own health determinations.
But what’s more terrifying than inconsistent information from health officials is the praise the mask thuggery video is receiving online.
C-list Hollywood activist and formerly “credible sexual assault victims advocate” Alyssa Milano was one of many who supported the actions of the bullies. She shared the video on Twitter and praised the thugs.
“Never been prouder of growing up in Staten Island,” she commented on the video.
Here’s a question: Do the reporters and Democratic activists who peddle in fear believe that wearing face coverings will prevent themselves or others from contracting the coronavirus?
Gosh, it’s hard to tell.
Earlier this month, CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins, who is known for hectoring President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask, was filmed removing her mask in the briefing room when she apparently thought the cameras were off.
Likewise for ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who shames another reporter for not covering his face, yet enjoyed ordering food in public on Cinco de Mayo without wearing a mask.
Milano herself was widely mocked last week after she virtue signaled by posting an image of herself wearing a laughable face covering that was little more than a crocheted fashion statement.
The fanatical reaction to the coronavirus from far-left activists and the media has encouraged a panicked, fear-driven portion of the population to take their patrolling of online comment sections into stores.
These people do not like dissent and are willing to exact mob justice to intimidate people, and they are being encouraged by reporters and Hollywood has-beens, such as Milano.
These are the same people who apparently don’t believe in the efficacy of facial coverings.
Look no further than their behavior when they think nobody is looking, or when they are attempting to crown their fear as some sort of virtue that is woven in fabric.
Humiliating and bullying people for making their own choices about the coronavirus is wholly un-American.
The blame for what happened on Staten Island sits squarely on the shoulders of the sensational media, which continues to find new ways to divide Americans.
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