NYC Nurse Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Credit Card Of Man Dying Of Coronavirus

On Thursday, a New York City nurse was arrested for allegedly stealing the credit card of a man dying from the coronavirus, then using it to purchase gas and groceries.
“Danielle Conti, 43, is facing charges of grand larceny, petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property in connection with the case,” NBC News reported.
Conti worked at Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH), according to the NYPD, where Anthony Catapano, 70, died of the coronavirus on April 12. He had lived with his daughter after his wife of nearly 36 years, died in 2014.
Catapano’s daughter Tara wrote in an April Facebook post:
My dad was in Staten Island University north from April 4th until he passed away on April 12. My father passed away on April 12 at 11:47 am and I was not informed until 9 hours later and that was ONLY because I contacted the dr. All day I thought my dad was still fighting to only find out this information was kept from me. I understand the hospital is overwhelmed but this is UNACCEPTABLE. My father was treated as if he doesn’t matter and he mattered!!!
On top of this when I tried to get his belongings from the hospital they were nowhere to be found for a day and a half then they miraculously were found when a lawyer called on my father’s behalf. When I went to pick them up several items were missing including his cell phone, eyeglasses, 2 cell phone chargers, money and a buzzer. The hospital “investigated” unsuccessfully and the case was closed and I still don’t have my dad’s things. Today I get his Amex bill in the mail and there are 2 charges for gas and groceries while he was in the hospital and fighting for his life. Due to the pandemic no visitors are allowed, therefore that means a hospital employee stole my father’s credit card, used it and then returned it to his wallet.
Catapano told NBC News, “From the very beginning, I knew it was a hospital employee. It would have to be. But I even told someone, ‘It couldn’t be a doctor or nurse.’ Those words actually left my mouth.”
She added, “This was someone who was supposed to care for my father. She went in there and gave him his medicine and then, what, went for his wallet? I can’t even wrap my head around it.”
SIUH issued a statement: “Danielle Conti has been temporarily suspended and faces termination in response to the felony charges. We are working closely with the law enforcement authorities and the hospital is conducting its own investigation. Ms. Conti has been an employee since 2007.”
Tara Catapano stated, “It was hard enough losing my dad in the way that I lost him. I thought he was going to come home. I told him he was going to come home. He kept asking to come home, and to have to go through this on top of it just made it so much worse.”
DShe concluded,“I wanted the story to be out there because I wanted people to be aware that this was happening to people. This could be happening to your mother or your father, and I don’t want that.”
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