Los Angeles Fire Department Will Inspect Smoke Shops Following ‘Bong Row’ Explosion

The Los Angeles Fire Department will inspect smoke and tobacco shops across the city following a massive explosion that injured a dozen firefighters and burned several buildings last Saturday on “bong row,” an area purportedly nicknamed for the prevalence of smoke shop suppliers and retailers.
While the cause of the explosion has not yet been determined, the fire and subsequent explosion occurred at Smoke Tokes, a wholesaler where authorities found carbon dioxide and butane canisters, reports the Los Angeles Times.
In an update on Tuesday, the fire department said that Smoke Tokes did not have a diamond placard, a local permit that informs emergency responders that flammable materials have been stored inside of a building.
“Those types of businesses pose a threat to the people who work there, the public that goes there, and firefighters if they have to respond there,” said Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas, who indicated that diamond permits are assigned by local inspectors.
“We will canvass the city. We will identify the businesses. We will transmit that information to the fire prevention bureau, and then we start inspecting them all,” said the fire chief.
The situation unfolded after first responders were sent to put out a fire in a building near skid row, as The Daily Wire previously reported. The firefighters evacuated the building amidst a “significant explosion” that charred a fire truck and burned twelve firefighters to varying degrees.
According to the Associated Press, Terrazas said he watched a video showing that some of the firefighters raced across a ladder, which was engulfed in flames, to escape the building. All of the firefighters are expected to survive.
On Saturday evening, the fire department issued a statement saying that the wholesaler was “reportedly a supplier for those who make butane honey oil,” a popular marijuana extract. Three officials familiar with the investigation have since told the Times that no marijuana was uncovered from the building, and an extraction lab was not found on the premises.
A person purportedly near the scene around the time of the explosion posted a video on Twitter of flames bursting out of a building. A large plume of smoke is also visible in the video.

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