Dr. Marc Siegel – With All Due Respect – Hong Kong Has TOTALLY DESTROYED Its Economy to Prevent COVID-19 Deaths and There Have Only Been 4

Hong Kong shut down industry and commerce since the Chinese New Year on January 25th in reaction to the China coronavirus.

The country is into its fourth month of commercial inactivity even though its 8 million citizens endured only 4 COVID-19 deaths total to date.

As reported in late February:
News of the coronavirus reached Hong Kong and the world in early January. Hong Kong citizens were curious at first and then almost hyper-reactive. The Wuhan coronavirus was a big unknown and still is. Hong Kong did very little at first other than observe the actions of the Chinese government in Hubei in response to the newly discovered coronavirus.
By the end of January right before the Chinese New Year, the government of China took the unprecedented move and shut everything down in Hubei Province in China. Road blocks were erected and people were forced to stay home in Hubei Province. After the Monday and Tuesday holidays, all businesses were shut down in Hong Kong and throughout China.
Schools were closed at that time and are still closed in spite of children worldwide being virtually immune to the coronavirus. Most companies follow the Hong Kong government’s practices with civil servants and keep their employees home. This has continued since late January.
Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas on earth with a population of around 8 million people.
As of this morning there are 1056 coronavirus cases confirmed and four deaths in Hong Kong.
The percent of confirmed cases to total population is minuscule at 0.01%.
The mortality rate related to the coronavirus in Hong Kong is almost nothing but this didn’t stop the government from shutting down its economy.
Dr. Mark Siegel on FOX News shared the success that Hong Kong has had with its practices of shutting down the economy with only 4 COVID-19 deaths.  Unfortunately, someone told him that Hong Kong only used social distancing to maintain its low death rate for COVID.  This is false.  The government of Hong Kong shut down its economy and it may never recover.
Via Tucker Carlson:”>Tucker Carlson Tonight:

Dr. Siegel, who appears to be a very honest and committed professional, praised the efforts of Hong Kong to prevent China coronavirus deaths.  But maybe he doesn’t have the full picture.  Since the beginning of the year the flu in Hong Kong has been much more consequential than the coronavirus:
The Centre for Health Protection announced today [February 13] that the winter flu season has ended. During this period, 113 adults died of influenza and no deaths from children were recorded. The Centre reminds the public that although the winter flu peak period has ended, citizens should continue to maintain personal and environmental hygiene to prevent respiratory diseases.
In the mean time entire industries in Hong Kong are in shambles. 
Thousands of airline pilots are out of work.  These individuals with good paying salaries are leaving Hong Kong.  Restaurants and small businesses are closed and will likely never reopen.  But sure, Hong Kong has only 4 COVID-19 deaths! 

So maybe the real issue that most in the media are still not acknowledging is that the China coronavirus is typical to a seasonal flu except that infants, children and young adults are not as likely to die from it.  The efforts to lock down communities went way overboard.  Unfortunately it is too late to save economies like Hong Kong. 

Sure China should be held accountable for its manufacturing and spreading of the China coronavirus.  But anyone who promoted that mass hysteria to shut down over the coronavirus has a price to pay too.  This unfortunately includes well-meaning medical professionals who lacked the facts or the courage to speak out against the mass destruction of the world economies.

The entire country of Hong Kong has shut itself down now into its fourth month due to four deaths reported from the coronavirus. Now the Hong Kong economy is dead too with numerous small businesses shut down for good.

This will go down as the single most insane event in world history.

Dr. Marc Siegel – With All Due Respect – Hong Kong Has TOTALLY DESTROYED Its Economy to Prevent COVID-19 Deaths and There Have Only Been 4 Dr. Marc Siegel – With All Due Respect – Hong Kong Has TOTALLY DESTROYED Its Economy to Prevent COVID-19 Deaths and There Have Only Been 4 Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on May 21, 2020 Rating: 5

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