Dad Says God Bless the 2nd Amendment After Killing Naked Man Found in Daughter's Room

Aaron LaTowsky had five perfect words for his thoughts on killing a naked home intruder: “God bless … the Second Amendment.”
According to KSAZ-TV, LaTowsky was confronted with the unclothed, combative man in his daughter’s room Wednesday night in Scottsdale, Arizona.
LaTowsky is your average American — a man with a wife, three kids and a dog named Sadie.
He also owns a shotgun. He never even had to use it against an intruder until this week.
The unnamed naked man who apparently entered LaTowsky’s house, estimated to be between 18 and 19 years old by police, had first been reported allegedly trying to break into a different home in the area.
There, the homeowner scared him off and he was gone by the time police arrived.
At LaTowsky’s home, meanwhile, Aaron was outside at the time. The rest of his family was sleeping — except for his dog, Sadie, who alerted him that something was up.
“So I came inside, and I saw one of our side doors was open and she was barking down the hall towards my kids’ bedrooms,” LaTowsky told KSAZ.
LaTowsky said he grabbed his shotgun and went down the hall.

As he went into his daughter’s room, LaTowsky said the suspect emerged wielding a piece of wood, his face masked and his body naked.
“He basically was lunging at me, so it was very quick,” LaTowsky said.
“He had his hands in the air. I could see something dark or black coming at me, and again it was very, very close, so I fired almost immediately.”
LaTowsky expressed gratitude for his constitutional rights.
“God Bless America and the Second Amendment,” he said.
“Glad I was able to protect my family. God bless the police for coming so quick to take care of us.”
“We never would have known,” Aaron’s wife Brenda said. “We would have continued to sleep and sleep through it. so I’m just so thankful.”
That’s what the Second Amendment is for — especially in these unsettling times.
For instance, this case highlighted one of the more distressing aspects of the past few weeks: the rise in crime thanks to people wearing face masks.
In April, Quartz reported an uptick in crimes with robbers using surgical masks, including one couple who allegedly went on an eight-day crime spree using surgical masks and gloves that authorities say the distaff half of the duo obtained from her stepfather.
“No one would be alarmed at this now, compared to just a month ago,” retired NYPD detective sergeant Joseph Giacalone said.
KNSD-TV in San Diego, for instance, went to one convenience store where individuals with face coverings have been more brazen in their crimes.
V-D Market employee Alan Mikhael recounted how two women executed a smash-and-grab robbery of some alcoholic beverages in April.
“She opened this door. She grabbed this beer,” he said, describing how two women took the booze from a refrigerator in the back of the store.
“I just opened the door. I take the beer. I tell her get out,” Mikhael said.
Now, granted, the absence of clothes would probably have set the man shot and killed in Arizona apart, but it’s still worth noting as a trend.
One assumes, given the details, that the suspect wasn’t in compos mentis, and there’s certainly an amount of sympathy to be had there.
That being said, this was apparently a homeowner confronted with a naked, masked intruder in his daughter’s room with a piece of wood as a weapon.
He did the only thing he could have done — and that’s what the Second Amendment is there for. God bless it.
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