Here Are the Media's Worst Briefing Questions - No Wonder Trump's Numbers Are Skyrocketing

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the establishment media has been worse than ever.
Rather than report on facts that may help the American people stay safe, outlets like CNN, MSNBC and many others are instead trying to find a way to weaponize the crisis against President Donald Trump.
Nowhere is this more evident that at the daily White House coronavirus task force media briefings, where reporters’ questions have become increasingly absurd.
These loaded questions from left-leaning media outlets often seem to be asked in a way that is supposed to catch the president off guard.
Unfortunately for the media, it’s not working.
“Why do you keep calling this the Chinese virus? There are reports of dozens of incidents of bias against Chinese Americans in the country,” Cecilia Vega of ABC News asked the president on March 18.
“Why do you keep using this? A lot of people say it’s racist.”
Trump’s didn’t just defend himself, but went on the offensive with his reply.
“As you know, China tried to say at one point, maybe they stopped now, that it was caused by American soldiers. That can’t happen, it’s not gonna happen, not as long as I’m president. It comes from China,” Trump said.
Moments later, PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor also had questions regarding alleged “racism” rather than the global crisis at hand.
“There are some, at least one White House official who used the term ‘Kung Flu,’ referring to the fact that this virus started in China,” Alcindor said.
“Is that acceptable? Is it wrong? Are you worried that having this virus be talked about as a Chinese virus that …” she added.

Trump cut her off, asking one important question that she should have had an answer for.
“I wonder who said that. You know who said that?” Trump asked
The PBS reporter’s reply was telling.
“I’m not sure the person’s name,” she replied.
Her accusations of racist rhetoric were based on a report that failed to identify anyone of importance.
When she went on to ask if using the term “Chinese virus” would “put Asian-Americans at risk,” Trump responded, “No, not at all.
“I think they probably would agree with it 100 percent. It comes from China,” he said.
Another ridiculous question posed to Trump was in regard to weighing the pros and cons of keeping the economy shut down during the pandemic.
Trump is keen on opening up certain sections of the country as soon as it is safe to do so in order to ease the financial burden on Americans.
But many in the left-wing media apparently don’t think that’s a good idea.
“How many deaths are acceptable?” a reporter asked Trump during the March 25 briefing.
The president appeared dumbfounded at the stupidity of the question.
“How many deaths are acceptable? To me? None. OK? None. If that’s your question.”
Perhaps the worst question of them all blatantly took Trump’s comments out of context.
“You were talking about governors of different states and you said, ‘I want them to be appreciative.’ You also said if they don’t treat you right, ‘I don’t call.’ These are direct quotes, sir,” Jeff Zeleny of CNN told the president on March 29.
In reality, Trump had said that governors should be “appreciative” of his entire administration, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers, because of the incredible job they are doing.
Since Trump and his task force began to hold daily news briefings in March, his approval ratings have soared.
Both Trump’s overall approval rating and his approval rating for his handling of the crisis have risen in recent weeks.
He also tied the highest job approval rating — 49 percent — of his presidency, Gallup reported March 24.
It seems like quite the coincidence that many establishment media commentators want the networks to stop airing the daily news briefings.
Unfortunately for them, at least according to the president’s soaring approval ratings, it seems as though the damage has already been done.
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