CNN Scorched After Being Caught in Blatant Lie Over Chris Cuomo's 'Quarantine'

If CNN can’t air the truth about its own employees, how does it expect Americans to believe its words about President Donald Trump?
Even at a time when mainstream media outlets seem to be competing with each other over which can be the most savagely anti-Trump, CNN stands out.
And when CNN’s own on-air personalities try to outdo each other in attacking the president’s honesty, Chris Cuomo is one of the most outspoken of the bunch.
So it’s all the more noteworthy that when the “Cuomo Prime Time” host — who has allegedly been self-isolating after testing positive for the coronavirus — took to the air Monday with a recounting of the end to his self-imposed quarantine, he did it with dishonesty that was evident for all the world to see.
Here’s what Cuomo’s show tweeted Monday night:
Here's the very moment @ChrisCuomo emerged from his basement, where he's been riding out coronavirus for the last several weeks.
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“Here’s the very moment @ChrisCuomo emerged from his basement, where he’s been riding out coronavirus for the last several weeks,” the post said.
In the video, Cuomo tried to act overwhelmed by the moment.
“This is what I’ve been dreaming of, literally, for weeks,” Cuomo said as he mounted the steps up from the basement of his home to greet his wife and children.
It was supposed to be touching. It was supposed to be poignant. It was, as Cuomo said in an introduction Monday night, “a huge day in Casa Cuomo.”
And it was all a lie.
As almost anyone who follows CNN’s knows, Cuomo has emerged from the basement at least once before, to get into a shouting match with a bicyclist who saw him outside on Easter Sunday. The man wanted to know why Cuomo was breaking his much-ballyhooed quarantine.
“Sometimes he’s scary stupid,” the man, identified only as David, told the New York Post in an April 14 article about the confrontation in the Hamptons.
The man said he stopped his bike when he saw someone he thought was Cuomo with a woman and three kids on property he said Cuomo had purchased in East Hampton last year — miles from Cuomo’s South Hampton home.
“I just looked and said, ‘Is that Chris Cuomo? Isn’t he supposed to be quarantined?’” he told the Post.
Cuomo, who’s been reported to have a violent temper when dealing with strangers before, confronted the man.
The man told the Post he wasn’t fazed.
“I said to him, ‘Your brother is the coronavirus czar, and you’re not even following his rules — unnecessary travel,’” he said.
There’s no disputing that the incident occurred. Cuomo himself ranted about it in a radio interview last week, as the Post reported in a separate article.
But CNN viewers were supposed to forget all that and watch a video of Cuomo claiming to be rising from his basement — something he’s been “dreaming of, literally, for weeks” — and pretend it was the truth.
Liberals have spent three years proving to the country they will fall for anything — that Trump is some sort of sexual pervert, that his election was masterminded by Russia, that some Ukraine security deal was going to end the Trump presidency (it didn’t even come close).
So it’s not impossible CNN viewers would fall for it en masse — self-delusion is a fearsome power.
Fortunately for American society and the fate of the republic, most Americans aren’t inane enough to be CNN viewers, and the response on social media showed it:
As usual on social media, there was a certain amount of comic relief (the video is laugh-out-loud funny):

Yesterday he claimed it was his first day out of the basement.

BUT LAST WEEK HE WAS IN THE HAMPTONS fighting with an elderly man who confronted him for breaking quarantine!


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But this one puts it perfectly:
Regular CNN viewers — whoever those benighted souls may be — know it’s a lie.
CNN’s executives and Cuomo know the viewers know it’s a lie.
Yet none of them seemed concerned in the slightest about whether there’s a problem with airing a demonstrable falsehood in front of the American public.
And these are the people who expect to be believed when they launch incessant, ankle-biting attacks against the president of the United States?
Even for CNN, even for Chris Cuomo, even for the nadir of American journalism that’s been reached after four years of dishonesty about Donald Trump, it’s a new low.

In fact, it’s almost unbelievable.
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