Toilet Paper Quiz Calculates Length Of Your Supply Using Six Questions

While grocery stores across the country continue to stock up on toilet paper amid a sudden surge in demand, a new website aims to help consumers calculate how much toilet paper they actually need. 
According to The Verge, the website “How Much Toilet Paper?!” was started as a joke, but the creators now hope their short six-question quiz will help to educate buyers about their actual toilet paper needs, and serve as a stop-gate against widespread hoarding. 
“Our average user has 500% more toilet paper than they would need in a potential quarantine. We are hoping that people will use the site and see they don’t need to go out and empty the shelves,” said one of the website’s co-creators, reports the news agency. 
The toilet paper quiz offers a short version of the questionnaire that asks how many rolls of toilet paper you have at home and how many times you visit the bathroom per day. 
The quiz also offers a more advanced version that includes four more personal questions, including how many wipes you use per bathroom visit and how many sheets you use per wipe. The other two questions ask about the amount of sheets on your brand of choice, and how many people live in your household. 
According to the news agency, the creators of the website built it in less than a few hours and more than 2 million people have already used the calculator in the last few days. 
“We went from idea to deployment in less than three hours. The site has definitely gone through a lot of changes since the first version, but it just proves the power of the internet,” said a co-creator. “You can go from idea to viral in hours or even minutes. We are currently at around 2 million viewers in just four days. It’s beyond anything I’ve experienced before.”
According to The New York Times, grocery stores and markets across the country have been stepping up to meet consumer demand, and manufacturers are increasing production. But manufacturers have also been hesitant to increase supply too much at once, fearing they may clog the market. 
“You are not using more of it. You are just filling up your closet with it,” said Jeff Anderson, a president of an American paper-product manufacturer, reports the news agency. “What happens in the summer when demand dries up and people have all this extra product in their homes?”
As The Daily Wire previously reported, the police department in Newport, Oregon, has been fielding so many toilet paper related complaints that they felt the need to post a humorous reminder to social media about what constitutes an emergency. 
“It’s hard to believe that we even have to post this. Do not call 9-1-1 just because you ran out of toilet paper. You will survive without our assistance,” the department posted to social media. “In fact, history offers many other options for you in your time of need if you cannot find a roll of your favorite soft, ultra plush two-ply citrus scented tissue.”
“Mayans used corn cobs. Colonial Americans also used the core of the cob. Farmers not only used corn cobs, but used pages from the Farmers Almanac. Many Americans took advantage of the numerous pages torn from free catalogs such as Sears and Roebuck,” said the police department. 
“The Sears Christmas catalog, four times thicker than the normal catalog, could get a family of three wiped clean from December through Valentine’s Day,” said the department.
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