Healthcare stepping up, but can't keep this pace forever (2 Pics)

 We see posts by healthcare workers every day on here saying they're working overtime, are exhausted, etc.
So, while our healthcare system is handling the situation right now, it's doing so in an unsustainable state. IE: they can't keep operating in high gear forever. Eventually you lose productivity and workers as they are overcome with exhaustion, illness (stress & work creates weakened immune system), quit out of frustration or fear, and possibly even die (which we've seen reports of as well).
We've all seen the CDC "curve" picture by now. But, I've added a red line to it. That is the decline in our healthcare system capacity if we keep making them operate in high-gear. The blue dashed line is our healthcare system being able to handle the small curve, where it's manageable, workers have time to decompress, sleep, not have to pull double-or-greater shifts, etc. The red line is if they have to deal with the "without protective measures" curve. Where they have to be in a state of high operation, high gear, non-stop. It takes a toll on the workers, and they start dropping. That means if they have to deal with a pandemic out-of-control for a prolonged period of time, our healthcare system as-a-whole declines in efficiency and capacity. If we were hit with a secondary wave of health crisis after cornoavirus ran it's course, our healthcare system would be in a weakened state to handle it. This is why we all need to pitch in and do our part.. by just isolating and quarantining. While we're sitting on our duffs, it eases the burden on the healthcare system.. not just so they can deal with this pandemic in a controlled fashion, but so we don't end up burning out the healthcare system capacity in general. Thank you for coming to me TED talk.
Healthcare stepping up, but can't keep this pace forever (2 Pics) Healthcare stepping up, but can't keep this pace forever (2 Pics) Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on March 25, 2020 Rating: 5

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