Judge Judy: America's the Most Perfect Country on Earth, I'll Fight Bernie to the Death

Judge Judy isn’t going to let Bernie Sanders get away with peeing on her leg and telling her it’s simply what they do in Scandinavia.
Mind you, the television jurist — full name Judith Sheindlin — isn’t exactly a Donald Trump supporter.
In fact, she’s a Michael Bloomberg supporter, having endorsed the billionaire former New York City mayor back in October, before he even said he was running.
She’s currently touring as his campaign surrogate and, as surrogates are wont to do, she’s got something negative to say about her candidate’s opposition.
But you don’t usually hear this one from campaign surrogates in terms of those opponents: “I’ll fight them to the death.”
“America doesn’t need a revolution,” Sheindlin told Oklahoma City’s KOKH earlier this month.
“It’s the most perfect country in the world and those people that are trying to change it and revolutionize it, don’t have a chance, because I’ll fight them to the death”
It’s clear who she was talking about  — Sanders — but Bloomberg wasn’t willing to go quite that far during the television appearance.
“Don’t get on the wrong side of the judge,” Bloomberg said, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. “That’s the message.”
Sheindlin expressed her support for Bloomberg in an ad released last month:
“I like to say you can judge someone’s character by what they’ve done. Mike Bloomberg has done amazing things and will be a truly great president,” she says in the ad.
“No one comes close to Mike Bloomberg’s executive achievement, government experience, and impactful philanthropy. His steady leadership will unite our country and bring us through these very challenging times.”
In an interview with People last month, she criticized everyone not named Mike Bloomberg, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
“You have somebody who is a number two guy and a senator — you have two senators,” she said.
“You have a very lovely young man who ran a very small town for a very short time. If you were the governor of Indiana, you would still be governing two million people less than New York City.”
Well, yes. You do have those.
Sheindlin said at the time she’d known about Bloomberg for 25 years but only spoken to him once over the phone.
No word on whether she watched his debate performance last week.
However, one does have to give Judge Judy credit for one thing: She recognizes the corrosive effect the Bernie folks are having on our culture.
It isn’t just the fact that they’re socialists, which should be enough of a reason to stay far away from unfunny Larry David.
For all of the talk about the toxicity of the Donald Trump contingent, it’s been the so-called “Bernie Bros” in the news as of late, and their noxious influence is far from mythical.
Oh, and yes — there’s the socialism thing.
America doesn’t need a revolution. We had one.
That’s what made us the greatest country on the face of planet Earth.
To say we need a revolution is to reject all that — all in the name of what Bernie says is a Scandinavian-style social democracy, at the same time he’s saying that, you know, what happened in Cuba wasn’t all bad.
No, Judge Judy doesn’t have the right candidate.
She has the right ideas. The most important thing — the love of country — is clearly evident in Sheindlin. And when it comes to “Bernie Bros,” well, it’s not.
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