Drudge Source: Bloomberg’s Nine-Figure Trump Attack Ads Just A ‘Down Payment’

Michael Bloomberg, the wealthy former New York City mayor who made a late entry in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential field last November, is expected to file a fourth-quarter Federal Election Commission (FEC) report on Friday. Apparently, over $100 million of the amount disclosed in the FEC report is solely allocated to ads attacking President Donald Trump. 
According to Mediaite, Matt Drudge, the political editor and founder of the Drudge Report, spoke to a source on the Bloomberg campaign and confirmed that the nine-figure spending represents just the attack ads on the president  and that the total ad spending is larger. 
“Mike’s spending represents a down payment and a commitment in all 50 states to defeat Donald Trump — and shows we have the resources and plan necessary to take him on,” the source told Drudge, reports Mediaite. 
According to the source, the Bloomberg campaign has spent over $25 million on digital ads and $85 million on TV commercials attacking the president. 
In total, the Bloomberg campaign has spent $275 million on advertising around the country, according to The New York Times. This figure combines the cost of ads that do not not attack the president and the nine-figure spending, which has been reported by Drudge, spent on ads that do indeed attack the president. 
According to the Times, the Bloomberg campaign has also spent $11 million on an upcoming sixty-second Super Bowl ad, which will air the same day as a set of two thirty-second ads purchased by the Trump re-election campaign. 
The Bloomberg campaign’s ad, which is titled “George,” will feature Calandrian Kemp, a mother whose son George died from a gunshot, explaining Bloomberg’s role in the gun control movement. 
“When I heard Mike was stepping into the ring I thought, now we have a dog in the fight,” says Kemp in the upcoming commercial. “I know Mike is not afraid of the gun lobby. They’re scared of him, and they should be.”
According to the Times, the Bloomberg campaign has dismissed the idea that people might tune out of the ad for airing an emotionally heavy commercial alongside other lighthearted ads. a
“Frankly, amid the dancing raisins and souped-up cars, a mother speaking fundamental and powerful truths about her experience and her son’s loss will draw an awful lot of attention, deservedly so,” a source for the campaign told the news agency. 
As Daily Wire Editor-at-Large Josh Hammer has previously noted, Bloomberg has strong ties to gun control groups “deeply hostile to the Second Amendment,” and also “believes that every gun owner should need a permit before making a gun purchase.”
The Trump campaign has divided its Super Bowl advertising repertoire into two thirty-second commercial slots, with the content of one of them still under wraps and only to be revealed on game night.
The disclosed commercial, however, is titled “Stronger, Safer, More Prosperous,” and will feature news reports talking about the strong state of the economy. The commercial ends with Trump at a rally delivering an optimistic message: “Ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come.”
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