Desperate Mother Calls 911 When She Can't Feed Her Baby, Police Show Up at Door To Help

Shannon Bird was home alone with her five children, sound asleep when her six-week-old newborn woke up to nurse.
But something was different about this 2 a.m. feeding — Bird’s milk supply had suddenly gone dry.
The situation left the baby hungry and frustrated and left Bird, who just wanted to feed her hungry newborn, in an unusual predicament.
One option — not exactly prudent given the circumstances — was to wake up her four other children, one wearing a leg cast, load them up into the car, and visit a store in the middle of the night for baby formula.
Instead, she tried calling her little brother, who did not answer. She called neighbors and friends too, but nobody answered, except for her husband, who was out of town.
The pair brainstormed on what to do and in the end, a distraught Bird decided to phone the police to ask if someone could help.
“I’ve never not had food for my newborn,” Bird told KSL-TV. “It was really scary for me.”
By this time, Bird’s infant was screaming to communicate her hunger.
“I’ve been calling neighbors and no one will answer,” an emotional Bird told the Lone Peak Police dispatcher.
“I’ve never been in this predicament ever. My milk just literally dried out. This is my fifth kid and this has never happened,” she said.
Lone Peak police officer Brett Wagstaff responded to her call, first stopping at a convenience store for a gallon of milk.
After laying eyes on Bird’s newborn, Wagstaff quickly realized she needed to be drinking baby formula.
On the video footage released by Lone Peak police, Wagstaff could be heard asking Bird what type of formula her baby drank, to which Bird replied she did not know — this was a first for her and her baby.
“We’ll leave this with you,” Wagstaff told her, leaving the milk at her home. “We’ll be right back with some formula for your baby — she’s adorable.”
Wagstaff stopped at Walmart to purchase the same formula he and his wife used when their baby was born and quickly returned to Bird’s doorstep.
Bird could be heard apologizing profusely for any inconvenience she had caused, but Wagstaff was obviously happy to help.
“That’s the same stuff we gave my daughter when she was first born, so hopefully it doesn’t upset her stomach,” Wagstaff said of the formula.
Bird was left feeling grateful that during her time of need, the police showed her such compassion.
“I was not expecting them to go get that food for me,” Bird said, who had been hoping that an officer would simply wait at her home while she ran to the store herself.
Officer Dave Ventrano told KSL that the department has pledged to protect and serve its community, and though this case was unusual, they were glad to serve.
“Most of us, we got on this job to help people, and this was an example of helping out a mother that was in need,” Ventrano said.

“To this mom, this is a priority for her,” he said. “It’s been about protect and serve. This is part of the serve. We are here to serve the public.”
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