Cali County Plans To Create Task Force To Seize Guns From Banned Owners. Are You Next?

There are some people in this world who should not own firearms, but when the government forms a task force to take them from you, it’s frightening.
Every year, the county of Santa Clara, California, issues in the neighborhood of 4,600 orders for gun owners to turn in their weapons on charges mostly involving domestic violence, The Mercury News reported.
But they are not too successful with getting the gun owners to hand in their guns.
That’s why the county’s board of supervisors and the district attorney’s office are partnering to create a County Gun Team whose sole job it is to seize these weapons.
“Our policies in Santa Clara County, and counties across the state, can’t work if there’s no one enforcing them,” Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Cindy Chavez, a Democrat, said on Monday, according to KTVU.
Pay attention to how that works. First, government officials propose “common-sense gun reform” and then they get an armed unit to enforce their will.
It is important that you know that plan because there is a good chance it could be coming to a city near you.
“Those categories of individuals that have been unfortunately a dangerous gap over the last several years require a dedication of focus so that we can run all of these orders and cross-reference their histories and dangerousness,” Deputy District Attorney Marisa McKeown said.
The idea has come on the heels of a sad case in which a man murdered four of his own family members and then killed himself — despite reports of violent threats days earlier.
To be sure, he is one of the people whose guns should have been taken from him.
But the fear among many, myself included, is that giving the government more power becomes a slippery slope real quick.
Yes, we want people like this madman to have their firearms taken from them. But what stops this task force from becoming a monster that cannot be controlled?
What stops someone from reporting domestic violence falsely and having someone’s guns taken from them as revenge?
And if you think it won’t happen, do some research on people who use Child Protective Services in this manner.
Or check the case of a woman who recently lied in order to use red-flag laws against an officer who shot her son.
And then there is the bigger fear that this type of task force could lead to shootouts with law enforcement and private gun owners that could result in deaths.
There are many ideas that seem good on paper but do not work the way they are supposed to in the real world.
If you want to hear some of them, just listen to Democrats. Their entire platform is based on them.
Cali County Plans To Create Task Force To Seize Guns From Banned Owners. Are You Next? Cali County Plans To Create Task Force To Seize Guns From Banned Owners. Are You Next? Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on February 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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