After Bartender Refuses Service to Cops, Rival Restaurants Step in To Show Their Support

The only way to defeat bullies is to stand up to them, and that is exactly what some Las Vegas restaurants did when a bartender refused to serve police officers.
On Thursday, two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers were denied service at a local restaurant called The Lodge, KTNV-TV reported.
The officers, who were working the graveyard shift, were the approaching the restaurant’s bar when the bartender shook his head as if to stay “no” and then ran his fingers across his neck to tell them to stop, according to a Facebook post from the Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Wives.
When the officers asked if they could sit at the bar and order, the bartender allegedly responded by saying, “We don’t serve you guys here anymore.”
The post said that the officers at first thought the bartender was only kidding but that he “emphasized that he was serious” and the officers left.
NEW: has learned two officers were denied service overnight Thursday at this restaurant on Cactus and Southern Highlands Pkwy because they were in uniform. An employee allegedly saying “we don’t serve you guys anymore” @KTNV
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The city’s Police Protective Association said in a statement that the restaurant had reached out to the LVMPD to say that it welcomes all officers and that the situation was being handled, according to KSNV.
“Today, an email was sent out regarding two officers who were refused service at The Lodge. Of course, this sparked outrage with us at the LVPPA and within the law enforcement community,” the statement said.
“After the email went out to our membership, the owner of the corporation reached out to us regarding this issue. They informed us that the bartender in question is on indefinite suspension facing potential termination.
“The Lodge has the highest respect for the men and women of LVMPD and love nothing more than to have them in their establishments, whether on duty or off. They explained that one man’s actions are not indicative of the feelings of The Lodge Corporation and they hope that officers will still come to the establishments.
“It was a great conversation, and clearly the issue has been addressed and handled by ownership. I want to thank all the officers who reached out to the LVPPA regarding this incident.
“Corporate would love to see officers and their guests come to the establishments this weekend.”

And, to show that there are still people who appreciate and respect our brave law enforcement officers, two other establishments are offering free meals to all police officers who come to their restaurants in uniform.
“Two local establishments, Distill and Remedy’s, are offering free meals to all officers in uniform from midnight to 8 a.m. through Feb. 21 at all of their locations in the Las Vegas valley after earlier reports had officers not being served at a competitor’s bar and grill,” KTNV reported.

We need more establishments like these to stand against the anti-police bullies.
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