Woman Who Falsely Accused Teenager Of Rape Will Spend Just One Night In Jail, Mother Speaks Out

The Warwick pastor who falsely accused a teenage boy of raping his teenage girlfriend spent one night in jail before starting her 18-month sentence of home confinement.
The Daily Wire previously reported that Kelly Shannon, 48, who is also a Christian rock singer, would reportedly get no jail time after she falsely accused the boy and was charged possessing child pornography and allegedly grooming a young girl for sex. Shannon was officially sentenced on Tuesday and was forced to spend a single night in jail in addition to her home confinement.
Shannon admitted in court on Tuesday to “two counts of filing false police reports and one count of using a computer for fraudulent purposes under a plea deal,” NBC 10 News reported
Christy Gilroy, the mother of the teenage boy whom Shannon falsely accused, said that her son probably would have been considered a sex offender if Shannon hadn’t admitted to her crimes.
“I didn’t even know if this day was ever going to come, because the truth is, they chased my son,” Gilroy told NBC 10. “They chased him right from day one. They believed immediately he was guilty. Whereas [Shannon] sat five years on bail, and finally, six years later, we’re having our day in court.”
“I believe if she never came clean, my son’s name would have never been cleared,” Gilroy added. “There was never a sexual assault. It was all made up because I put a restraining order on Kelly Shannon.”
Shannon had been helping Gilroy’s son and his girlfriend with homework. She eventually performed a fake marriage ceremony for the teens, who were 14 at the time. Gilroy found out and took away her son’s phone as punishment. Shannon bought him a new one, which Gilroy also found. Gilroy then took out a restraining order against Shannon. 
Shannon reportedly threatened the boy by telling him she would have him arrested if his mother didn’t lift the restraining order. She then accused the teenager of raping his girlfriend. The boy was arrested and charged with rape, sent to a juvenile detention facility, and forced to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet.
Shannon also was charged initially with possessing child pornography. The girl in the photos told investigators that she was forced to pose for the photos by Shannon. As part of her plea deal, Shannon was able to get the felony charge of child pornography reduced to a felony charge of using a computer for fraudulent charges. This keeps Shannon from having to register as a sex offender.
Gilroy, of course, is not happy about the plea deal.
“If she was a man, she would have absolutely had to register as a sex offender, and I believe she should have, too,” Gilroy said. 
A spokesperson for the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office told NBC 10, in part:
Among the many factors we consider in all dispositions are the strength of the case, the defendant’s history and characteristics and the impact on the victims. Based on that evaluation here, we agreed that this was the best disposition to hold the defendant accountable and offer appropriate protections to the victims.
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