Tribune Publishing Offer Buyouts Ahead of Mass Layoffs

Tribune Publishing, which runs far-left news outlets like the Chicago Tribune and the Orlando Sentinel, is asking employees of eight years or more to accept a buyout as the publisher is frantically attempting to cut costs as print media continues to die out.

The Orlando Sentinel has become a must-read for the liberals in Central Florida, even taking the unheard of step to have their editorial board publish a column announcing that they do not know who they will endorse in the 2020 presidential elections, but that they would not endorse President Trump’s re-election because of disproven Russian collusion conspiracy theories and other fantastical nonsense.
As for the Chicago Tribune, where the buyout and signaling of mass layoffs was first floated, their record does not appear to be much better than the Orlando Sentinel. They have accused Trump of being an anti-Semite and going as far as covering for violent Antifa protests held in the Chicago area against President Trump.
We hope that anyone who gets let go in this restructuring at Tribune’s publications find peace in whatever else they end up doing. Hopefully they are able to understand that the failing newspaper industry was not a secure gig in the first place, on to greener pastures folks!
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