BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Obama DOJ Attorney John Carlin Did Not Tell FISA Court that Carter Page Had Previously Worked with FBI When Applying for Fraudulent Page FISA Warrant

Obama’s Head of the DOJ’s National Security Division, John Carlin, is in some real trouble.  Not only did he lie to the FISA Court about FISA abuse but we determined that he must have been behind lying about Carter Page’s past enabling the Deep State to obtain the fraudulent Page FISA warrant on Page.

In January 2018 we reported comments Dan Bongino made about John Carlin on the Hannity Show on FOX News.  Carlin oversaw the NSA surveillance program under Obama. 
Dan Bongino: Sean, let me tell you something and I am willing to put my credibility behind this on your show tonight. Those messages aren’t lost. I absolutely believe this is some kind of canary trap to out leakers again… Make no mistake about this. Donald Trump was set up. This was a sting operation the entire time… Sean, don’t discount the name “John Carlin” within the DOJ. He knew what was going on here in conjunction with Sally Yates and this is the connection I think to the White House on this. Don’t discount that name. He left under very suspicious circumstances.
(Remember how angry all America loving patriots were at this time as we were uncovering the crimes of the Deep State while the corrupt Mueller investigation was going on – this really shows in the above video.)
Jeff Carlson at wrote the following about John Carlin in May 2018:
John Carlin was an Assistant Attorney General – and Head of the Department of Justice’s National Security Division (NSD).
On September 27, 2016, Carlin announced his resignation. He formally left the NSD on October 15, 2016. Carlin had been named Acting Assistant Attorney General in March 2013 and was confirmed in the spring of 2014.
Carlin had previously served as chief of staff to then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller.
Carlin was replaced with Mary McCord – who would later accompany Acting Attorney General Sally Yates to see White House Counsel Don McGahn regarding General Michael Flynn.
Carlin announced his resignation exactly one day after he filed the Government’s proposed 2016 Section 702 certifications. His signature can be found on page 31.
Carlson went on to address the many actions that Carlin took going against the law to provide the FISA Court information that the FISA 702 process was not broken.  However, at the same time audits of the area that Carlin oversaw showed massive irregularities, corruption and crimes.  Carlin covered this up and did not report it to the FISA Court. 
Irregularities were later provided to the Court after Admiral Mike Rogers performed audits of the FISA process and provided his results to the Court in October 2016, shortly after Carlin left the DOJ.  Admiral Rogers is admired for later showing up unannounced at Trump Tower after the 2016 election and telling the President elect that the Trump Tower was being spied upon.  The day after the Admiral’s visit to Trump Tower, the Trump transition team moved to one of Trump’s golf courses and out of Trump Tower.

This leads us to our discovery today. 

On March 11, 2016, Obama’s US Department of Justice announced the following:
Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and John P. Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, announced that EVGENY BURYAKOV, a/k/a “Zhenya,” pled guilty today to conspiring to act in the United States as an agent of the Russian Federation, without providing prior notice to the Attorney General.
Note that John Carlin and creepy Preet Bharara made the announcement about this Russia related case in New York.  However, what isn’t told in the DOJ’s press release is that Carter Page helped the FBI in this case. 

Three years later on February 5, 2018, Chris Reeves at Townhall reported the following about the above case:
Department of Justice court records from 2015 have provided details about how Carter Page cooperated with FBI agents in exposing Russian spies working inside the United States.
Reeves continued:
Another question raised by these documents concerns why Comey’s FBI would have considered Page to unquestionably be a Russian agent: If Page cooperated with the FBI in 2013 and provided them information that ultimately aided the DOJ’s successful prosecution of a third Russian spy who had worked with Sporyshev and Podobnyy (Evgeny Buryakov), why would Russian intelligence have trusted Page enough to hire him as an asset in a major intel operation directed against the U.S. government and one of its major political parties? Wouldn’t Russian intelligence have put out a notice to avoid Page as an unreliable and potentially dangerous contact?
Reeves asks some good questions.  Of course the FBI would have known about Page’s assistance in helping indict the Russians in the US.  But this leads us to today:
John Carlin’s team at Obama’s DOJ would have been responsible for querying whether Carter Page had worked for the FBI in the past when efforts were being made to create the FISA warrant on Carter Page.  This would have been standard procedure to see if Page had worked with the FBI in the past. 
The Carter Page FISA warrant was used to legitimize the spying on candidate, President-elect and President Trump.  Carlin and his team did not provide the information that Page worked for the FBI to the FISA Court.  This was another material lie and it can be attributed to Obama’s dirty cop John Carlin and his team at the DOJ!
We now also know that Page worked for another agency in the US government and this too was withheld from the FISA Court.  Both these material facts would have likely prevented the Carter Page FISA warrant from being obtained.

Obama’s Dirty Cop John Carlin lied to the FISA Court numerous times.  We just caught him in another lie.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Obama DOJ Attorney John Carlin Did Not Tell FISA Court that Carter Page Had Previously Worked with FBI When Applying for Fraudulent Page FISA Warrant BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Obama DOJ Attorney John Carlin Did Not Tell FISA Court that Carter Page Had Previously Worked with FBI When Applying for Fraudulent Page FISA Warrant Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on January 14, 2020 Rating: 5

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