Raving Drunk Carjacker Goes Flying Out of Car When Man Catches Him Attacking Wife

A California man got far more than he bargained for while allegedly attempting to carjack a family of five over the weekend.
And when local law enforcement officers arrived on scene Sunday evening in Stockton, California, 22-year-old suspect Elijah Cervantes had already been subdued, KTXL-TV in Sacramento reported.
According to the outlet, an intoxicated Cervantes, already on parole for robbery — and a total winner judging by the mugshot provided — had opened the door and attempted to enter a parked SUV containing three young children and their mother.
The unnamed woman struggled with the carjacker, Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva told KTXL, eventually honking the car’s horn and alerting “not only her husband but a couple of good Samaritans that also came over to the vehicle and helped out the husband by holding down the suspect.”
Judging by video of the exchange provided by KXTV-TV in Sacramento, Cervantes simply did not want go down without a fight.
In fact, it took three grown men, a hurl through the air and an old-fashioned body slam just to get the shirtless and depantsed would-be carjacker to the ground — and still Cervantes would not cooperate.
One of the good Samaritans involved did eventually manage to — quite literally — twist the suspect’s arm, however.
WARNING: The following video contains violence that some viewers might find offensive.
Fortunately, when all was said and done, the three children — an 11-year-old, a 6-year-old and a 5-month-old — and their mother were entirely unharmed.
When news like this breaks, it certainly isn’t hard to imagine why your everyday American would want a firearm for personal defense or why the more conservative among us advocate for the reintroduction of traditional masculinity into society.
You see, the American left’s incessant push toward the removal of society’s last vestiges of traditional masculinity has primed us to accept, and even expect, to live alongside men like the would-be carjacker.
The type of lazy, debauched and criminal lifestyle exemplified here is exactly what you are bound to get in a society devoid of strong male role models and the lessons in personal responsibility and respect they provide to adolescent men.
And ironically, it is in the exact places the left argues masculinity has made American men “toxic” that a shot of traditional masculinity would only stand to make young men respectful, hard-working and protective of society’s most vulnerable.

Luckily, there are still enough traditionally masculine men like the unnamed husband and good Samaritans in this video around to hold deadbeat men-in-name-only accountable when our culture refuses to do so.
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