Maxine Waters Pushes Wild Trump Conspiracy Theory, Admits She Doesn't ‘Have the Facts To Prove It’

Is this CNN or Comedy Central?
The network has never been a haven of rational thinking when it comes to President Donald Trump, but a Monday night rant by California Rep. Maxine Waters verged on sounding like a scripted parody of the #resistance movement.
Even though the Democrat admitted she doesn’t “have the facts the prove it,” she’s absolutely certain the 45th president is an “apprentice” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Trump’s election, she suggested, was part of a plan to end U.S. sanctions on Russia stemming from its invasion of Ukraine during the Barack Obama presidency.
“I believe, even though I don’t have the facts to prove it, I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions,” Waters told CNN’s Erin Burnett.
“He’s always wanted to lift these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering with and his incursion into Crimea. So I believe that they wanted to elect President Trump and Trump, I believe, agreed.”
Other than admitting to having no facts, Waters didn’t say what it was that made her believe the president is such a stooge of his Russian counterpart, and for anyone with even a vague knowledge of history, her diatribe was delusional.
Possibly even worse, Burnett showed no interest in pushing the congresswoman to defend her views. 
One of the darkly comical aspects about the entire liberal attack on Trump for his dealings with Russia has been the implication that Democrats have always been the flinty-eyed realists when it comes to the Kremlin — instead of the patsies history proves them to be.
Millions of Americans are old enough to remember that it was Republican Ronald Reagan who faced down the old Soviet Union, while Democrats like Sen. Ted Kennedy played footsie for power with the communist empire.
And even Americans who are young enough to have cast their first votes for Barack Obama in 2008 should remember Obama’s infamous “reset” with Putin that was supposedly to be engineered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
That “reset” was necessary because former President George W. Bush finally woke up to Putin’s danger after Russia invaded the former Soviet republic of Georgia in 2008.
The embarrassing Obama initiative included his still-disgraceful decision to abandon a plan to build a missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, as ABC News reported at the time.
It was a system U.S. allies wanted. It was a system that could protect against missile strikes from Iran. And it was a system Obama abandoned in an act of appeasement to an American rival (a habit that marked many of his disastrous foreign policy decisions).

Even more recently, it was in 2013 that Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry decided to turn helplessly — and haplessly — to Russia for help in dealing with Syria’s chemical weapons. As The New York Times noted then, the deal “formally placed international decision-making about Syria into the purview of Russia, one of Mr. [Bashar] Assad’s staunchest supporters and military suppliers.”
In other words, Obama and Kerry were helping Putin make Russia great again (with control of 20 percent of U.S. uranium supplies, to boot).
The current crop of Democrats seeking the presidential nomination promises to be no better. The front-runner in the Democratic race, former Vice President Joe Biden, brags incessantly about his time in the Obama administration. (He was point man on Ukraine, remember.)
He might well have been in the room when Obama made the craven decision to drop the missile defense plan.
Another top contender for the nomination, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, honeymooned in the Soviet Union in 1988.
(He probably agrees with Putin’s speech, reported by The Associated Press in 2005, that the breakup of the Soviet Union was the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century.)
And as to the rest, does any sane person see Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren or South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg turning into the second coming of the Gipper when it comes to bringing a revanchist Russia to heel?
Conjecture aside, not even Democrats can deny that Trump has turned up the pressure on NATO allies to start contributing more to their own defense, and that means more than anything Maxine Waters might want to conjure up.
No matter what other far-flung excursions have been dreamed up over the years, the NATO alliance exists primarily as a military entity to keep Russia in check — through brute force, if necessary.
If Trump were really interested in giving Putin free rein, he wouldn’t be kicking complacent European countries to behave like they live in a world menaced by the Russian bear.
But those are simply facts. And obviously Democrats as deranged as Waters don’t need anything as silly as “facts” to back up what they want to believe.
And anti-Trump networks like CNN are more than happy to let a congresswoman blinded by Trump hatred get on screen to spout whatever nonsense she chooses to the few Americans who are actually still watching their garbage.
Like the old saying goes, it really would be funny if it weren’t so sad.
Maxine Waters Pushes Wild Trump Conspiracy Theory, Admits She Doesn't ‘Have the Facts To Prove It’ Maxine Waters Pushes Wild Trump Conspiracy Theory, Admits She Doesn't ‘Have the Facts To Prove It’ Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on December 18, 2019 Rating: 5

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