As San Fran Streets Fill with Human Waste, Grocery Store Aisle Turns Into Toilet

In San Francisco, the smell of progress is in the air.
Unfortunately for residents of the City by the Bay, this isn’t the bouquet of economic success or technological innovation, but the stench of human waste.
It’s no secret that the streets and sidewalks of San Francisco function as a virtual open toilet for the city’s massive population of homeless people and drug addicts, but with no clean place to take care of business, some are now turning to the once-pristine aisles of grocery stores.
According to a tweet Sunday from journalist Deborah Kan, one drugged-out man was caught defiling the floor of a Safeway store in the city.
“[San Francisco Mayor London Breed,] here’s a pic of a man on drugs taking a poo in aisle 10 of [Safeway] Marina Sunday morning in #SF,” Kan wrote. “Why is this okay?”
If you want to see the disturbing photographic proof she added, click hereBe warned — you’ll never look at Kettle Brand chips the same way ever again.
Other people in the store captured the mystery shopper in the middle of his act as well.
Cleanup in Aisle 3! Thank you Nancy Pelosi.

I publicly warned in 2018 that if we let people violate our streets the homeless problem would get worse.

The answer: Arrest, then offer a choice. Jail or rehab.

Just got this photo. A homeless man defecating in our local Safeway.
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San Francisco’s attempts to wrest back control of its streets and reverse the evolution of its walkways into open sewers have all been ineffective.
The disgusting problem is causing even more trouble for the city than just unsightly sidewalks and sanitation issues — investors are now taking their business elsewhere as the state of San Francisco’s streets remains an issue.
One major tech company even relocated three of its yearly events, costing the city an estimated $192 million in lost revenue.
Lost money isn’t the only woe the city’s filthiness causes.
Diseases flourish in unsanitary conditions like those on San Francisco streets, spreading as rats, roaches and other pests carry the contamination far and wide. The “diseased” streets have even been compared to slums in developing countries. 
If the Safeway incident is any indication, the disgusting conditions on San Francisco’s streets soon could be seen indoors as well.
While human waste on the streets is one thing, the city would be in for an absolute crisis if it started to become a regular staple of grocery store aisles. The health of shoppers undoubtedly would be at risk, and there’s no telling how much food would have to be thrown away because of possible contamination.
For the workers at these stores, it’s even worse.
Before, their job duties may have included bagging, stocking and cleaning the occasional spill.

Now, “cleanup on Aisle 10” has a whole new meaning.
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