Offices Are 'Greta Shaming' Workers From Using Plastic By Putting Up Her Pics

One way to make people think about the impact they’re having on the environment is to show them eco-warrior Greta Thunberg’s disapproving stare. That’s what some Israeli office workers think will help save Planet Earth. Because every little bit of effort helps.
Some offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem now have photos of the teenager’s face placed near plastic cups and one-time-use utensils to discourage their use. Shame. ShameShame!

Some office workers in Israel think that Greta’s stare will deter colleagues from using plastic

Image credits: AllisonKSommer
Image credits: AllisonKSommer
Photos of Greta sternly looking at potential plastic users were found in various Israeli organizations, including the office of the newspaper Haaretz. Greta’s face was plastered near single-use coffee cups, drink stirrers, and plastic cutlery.
Now, we don’t know if shaming people for using plastic really works. But what we do know is that this is an innovative (not to mention funny) experiment to try and reduce plastic waste.
Image credits: AllisonKSommer
Image credits: AllisonKSommer
Greta is an increasingly controversial figure, even among people who want to save the environment. Supporters of the Swedish teenager say that she’s doing the right thing by demanding climate justice and immediate change now. Some critics state that Greta’s ‘heated’ rhetoric gives climate change deniers more ‘ammunition.’ While others believe that while Greta’s goals are good, she offers no concrete ways to save the Earth, and actions speak louder than words.
Image credits: Shira Makin
The teenager keeps expanding the number of famous people she’s close with. Just last week, she was spotted riding bikes together with the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, who called Greta his ‘friend and hero.’
What do you think of the offices that shame people who use plastic? Do you think that offices should simply hide single-use plastic cups and utensils? What are your thoughts about Greta, her goals, as well as how she phrases her ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

People reacted to the initiative in different ways

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