Desperate Biden Uses Video of Obama in New Campaign Ad

Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden released a new ad Tuesday set to run in Iowa, where he is tanking in the polls, that features video of his old boss former President Barack Obama addressing U.S. troops to bolster Biden’s credibility to be commander-in-chief. 
Screen images from Biden ad of Obama addressing troops has words “commander in chief” and then “sacred duty” overlaid.
In the opening seconds of the video, Obama is seen smiling and saying, “Thank you so much, everybody!” Obama’s is the only voice heard in the ad beside Biden’s. Other former presidents seen in the Biden ad before Obama are then-General Dwight D. Eisenhower (who became a Republican president) accompanying Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt and President John F. Kennedy.
The ad also features a still image of Biden in the Oval Office speaking with Obama.
The ad also shows Biden with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The ad shows President Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin, of course.
Biden: “To be commander in chief of the United States, it’s a sacred duty. (Obama, “Thank you so much, everybody!”) The next president is gonna face enormous challenges in picking up the pieces of American foreign policy. We need a leader who can on day one stand with our allies, know them by their first names and have them know there’ll be no question about the word of the next president of the United States.”
Biden is planning a post-Thanksgiving eight day, eighteen county campaign swing by bus of Iowa called the “No Malarkey” tour that will end in Cedar Rapids on December 7, according to The Gazette.
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