Melting DOWN: Byron York calling Dems OUT for not releasing Taylor’s full testimony triggers a WHOLE lotta stupid

Byron York tweeted a Washington Post piece in an effort to mock Democrats who want to take the impeachment probe public but they want to do so in a way that can be utilized for the election.
He called it a ‘TV show,’ which is really perfect considering it’s all for show … entertainment even.
But you knew that.
From the Washington Post:
In the meantime, however, Democrats are struggling with what to do if Republicans continue to disrupt depositions. While impeachment investigators planned to collect evidence and methodically build their case by interviewing senior members of the Trump administration before moving to public action, Democrats’ timeline to go public may be affected by Republican disruptions.
The chief challenges for the Democrats in going public will be finding a compelling roster of witnesses to drive home the case against the president — and making sure they do not mishandle what may be their best opportunity to sell voters on impeachment, with a message that will resonate through the rest of the 2020 election season.
Election season.
Think that’s a coincidence?
OR, and hear us out, this particular process seems really screwed up and dirty.

But the rest of his testimony might not be as damning and therefore problematic for Dip Schiff’s efforts to impeach the president.
It’s odd how angry tweeps on the Left got at Byron over his simply asking for the full Taylor transcript.
Is it your contention we will never hear from Taylor? Bullshit, you know we will. Like all supporters of criminals when you they are guilty, you bash the system. Weak...
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Why not see it all?
Because Republicans aren’t asking questions in good faith... their job is to make the witness look bad. When they’re ready to do their jobs, we will talk.
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Huh again?
Blame the Republicans. That’s adorable.
But nice try, sparky.
And why aren’t Republicans just leaking it?
For whatever reason, they mostly appear to be abiding by rules regarding depositions in House. Pretty severe penalties for disclosure. To outsiders, that would seem irrelevant after release of Taylor opening statement. But it's not, apparently. 
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Because they’re not Democrats.
Source reminds me that in Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Feinstein released Glenn Simpson transcript without consulting majority. She had transcript because majority allowed her to have it, which is not happening in House impeachment probe.
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This is the kind of commentary that is unfortunately prevalent in this debate. No, the House impeachment inquiry is not a grand jury proceeding. Its rules are determined by the majority, which can change them at will. 
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And we can’t show you the type of commentary Byron is referring to because this person deleted their tweet. But from Byron’s response we assume they were babbling about how it’s like a grand jury proceeding.
When it’s really not.

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