Journalist asks how Daryl Morey still has a job after creating a costly international incident

If you get on the wrong side of South Park, as LeBron James has with his take on the NBA’s difficult week, you know it’s time to revisit your thinking. As Twitchy reported earlier, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver held his first interview ever since the “Stand with Hong Kong” controversy sprung up and mentioned that “the financial consequences have been and may continue to be fairly dramatic” even though the league had “taken a principled position” and not acquiesced to the Chinese (which exactly what it did).
And what did Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey do, exactly? Tweet this:
Houston Rockets suspended by Chinese sponsor after GM posted (and quickly deleted) this tweet.

If you’re doing business in China, no disloyal politics allowed.

NBA should stand with @dmorey. But won’t. $$$
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Morey deleted the tweet and quickly threw up a wishy-washy hostage-style apology, but he, for now, still holds his job, which is a mystery to Jay Scott Smith:
I’m just spit-balling here, but...How Does Daryl Morey still have a job right now?

I mean, he literally created an international incident that potentially cost the league BILLIONS (regardless if you agree with his tweet or not), and he’s still cashing @Rockets checks.
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Because oh I don’t know, he is entitled to speak his mind just like ev-ery-bod-y else. πŸ€—
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Mom get the camera some dude name Jay Scott Smith with a blue check mark just told everyone he loves China and wants to increase his social credit score and be a great ally to Mao and his cohort.
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How? It’s called a republic ruled by a democracy. We’re not beholden to China. If you want to be. Move there. What the fuck is wrong with people that think what Daryl did was wrong?
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How many companies can you work for in the US where you tweet something that literally cost your company hundreds of millions of dollars, cost your league billions in capital, damage the brand and still keep your gig? More successful dudes have been fired for far less.
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Can you imagine the ‘Wrongful Termination’ lawsuit he’d have against not only the Rockets but the league as well?
As a @HoustonRockets fan I wanted @dmorey run out of town for pitiful player selections, but not for this shit.
Not now, not ever...πŸš€
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Because in America we have freedom of speech and a foreign government that hates freedom should not be controlling what happens in our country.
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I bet firing him would be a great look for the league with little to no backlash! Couldn’t agree with you more
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How do Lebron and Steph Curry still have any fans??? These guys virtue signal on everything from police brutality, to the NCAA. Preach their strong disgust in people being discriminated against......... Then when it affects their pocketbook, they ”shut up and dribble” πŸ˜‚
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Because they don’t want the US money to dry up. China will be back to normal in a bit. But if Morey was fired you’d see US money start to be pulled out too.
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because then you're allowing a foreign entity to dictate employment and policies by holding money over your head. Silver would sooner see the loss than allow China to pick and choose NBA voices.
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Nah you're giving silver too much credit here. He'd def fire Morey if there were no repercussions stateside. They'd lose money either way but less by keeping this current stance.
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Money vs Morals

It's that simple, Jay. The NBA has a home market that is based on personal freedom, made great strides as a progressive leader. China is none of these things, and is clearly a short term partner given its demographics. Invest in democracies instead.
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Yeah, he sort of spoke truth and supported a humanitarian cause. It just happened to be in conflict with his personal business interests. That's a bad idea, sure, but it's also the moral decision.
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Here's how:

Adam Silver on Daryl Morey:

"We were being asked to fire him by the Chinese government. … We said there’s no chance that’s happening. There’s no chance we’ll even discipline him."
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Because he has a right to express his free speech and political views. It’s not hard to understand
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I'm no business major but firing Morey would've done WAY more damage to their brand (and it might have be irreparable) and I don't think you want to have that kind of PR problem in your home. Blizzard is finding this out the hard way.
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Yeah, I mean, how can you let an employee speak out on human rights if it hurts your pocket book?!?
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Firing him would cost the NBA big $ in the U.S. Imagine the heat they would take here by buckling to communist China’s demand to fire him.
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I mean no disrespect to you as a person but sir, I must say with full sarcasm: yeah, let’s appease fascists, that’s what world history taught us, right?
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“Why has this man not been fired for talking about politics on his own account?”
“How has this man not been fired for speaking in support of a democratic protest against a country that is trying to rob them of their freedom?”
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It is sad that someone from an HBCU doesn’t understand the importance of freedom of speech and democracy. No money should be able to buy your silence unless your morals are off, glad a few came before you with higher character.
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Good thing he has a job. It shows that the NBA still has a little bit of balls and backs their people and don’t cave to the Chinese gov. Very bad “spitball”
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