WATCH: Former Planned Parenthood Manager Describes Horrific Abortion Procedure

On Saturday, anti-abortion organization Live Action released a video in which Founder Lila Rose interviews Sue Thayer, a former Planned Parenthood manager.  
Thayer describes in graphic detail the process by which abortion clinic workers would attempt to put together all the pieces of the terminated fetus in order to make sure everything had been removed from the post-abortive woman's uterus:
ROSE: You described when you were first being trained at Planned Parenthood, they sent you to an actual abortion room to witness the procedure. Can you tell us about that experience?
THAYER: Well, when you first start out, they have the trainees stand by the door, and I did that for the first two or three procedures. I finally said, "Why does that happen?" And she said, "Well, usually when somebody comes in for the first time, they pass out," and I didn't pass out.
So, after ... a few were done, they let me start moving closer so I could get to the foot of the bed and be able to see what was happening, but the whole procedure only takes just three or four minutes, and what they call the "contents of uterus" or "products of conception" are emptied into this gallon jar, and they turn it off and take this suction thing off the gallon jar and set it in the pass-through and it goes into the dirty lab.
So, then you go around the corner and into the dirty lab, take the jar out, put it in this big, like a Rubbermaid colander, and rinse it with this big hose. Then you dump it in this little glass jar and put it on this little shelf that has this bright light, and you bring the light over it, and you kind of piece it back together and try to see if you got all the parts.
I remember standing there looking at that and I said, "Why are there are three arms?" ... the gal training me said [that] it was twins. And I said, you know, "Do you tell the mom that she had twins?" and she says, "No, it usually just upsets them."
Then ... there's this big white porcelain sink, and they would dump it in there, rinse it, put the bowl back to use next time, and hit the plunger and it would flush kind of like the toilet, and I just remember standing there thinking all those babies are in the Des Moines sewer system. In later time that I would be there, they were putting those babies in little red bags with a twist tie, and then they [would] fling them in the freezer, and I remember kind of thinking, "I wonder what they do with those," because I thought if there's a buck to be made, they will sell those.
Thayer's description sounds very similar to what's shown in the 2006 documentary feature "Lake of Fire."
In one scene from the film, a now-retired abortion doctor speaks to the camera as he inspects various pieces of a dismembered 20-week-old fetus that have been dumped into a sifting tray of sorts. Legs, feet, arms, and hands can be seen in the tray. At one point, the doctor picks up a piece of the head, and one of the fetus' eyes is simply hanging out of its socket.
This is abortion.
[WARNING: Graphic Footage]
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