Video Depicts Exactly How Hollywood Tries To Bias People Against Guns

In a new video that blasts Hollywood for its bias against guns and its purposeful misleading of the public on the issue, John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center uses clips from various TV shows to show exactly how deep the bias is and how the animus toward guns is redolent within Hollywood. 
Lott begins, "Hollywood hates guns. Well, They like them in shoot-em-up movies. But as soon as it comes to a good civilian using a gun for self-defense, Hollywood turns anti-gun. Hollywood constantly portrays people who hate guns."
Clips from various shows follow, with statements including, "I’m not a huge fan of weapons," "Now do you see why I don’t like guns," and "I don’t like guns either."
Lott continues, "In Hollywood, even Navy Seals warn against owning guns … the wise law enforcement experts constantly urge people not to use them." A clip shows a law enforcement agent saying, "In my experience the problem with carrying a gun is that eventually it will go off."
Lott states, "But Hollywood gets this backwards. In real life, police strongly support civilians owning guns and carrying them for self-defense. A recent survey by the National Association of Chiefs of Police polled thousands of sheriffs and chiefs of police. 76% believe that qualified, law-abiding armed citizens help law enforcement reduce violent criminal activity. Detroit’s police chief (James Craig) urges people to carry guns…"
Craig is shown saying, "So good Americans who are responsible with concealed weapons can make a difference."
Lott continues, "He became chief and encouraged civilians to carry guns six years ago; Detroit’s murder rate fell since then. Nationwide rank-and file cops show even stronger support for private gun ownership than do police chiefs; more than 90% supported civilians carrying guns … Hollywood cops are wrong and real-life cops are right. Police are informed by what they se on the street every day. They know how important having a gun is for their own safety and they know that private citizens can help."
Lott segues to the myths Hollywood promotes regarding the issue: "Many Hollywood crime show writers clearly know nothing about guns and crime; the myths they push on people are endless." Lott plays a clip of a female cop saying of a machine gun, "This is the machine gun that Davis was firing at us, the so-called 'cop-killer.'"
Lott points out, "Stop. Since 1934 there are only two known uses ever of a machine gun being used in a murder." He continues, "Hollywood also finds endless ways to insult civilians who are using guns … Hollywood plays to bigoted stereotypes, depicting gun owners as dumb hicks. In real life, citizen volunteers and Neighborhood Watch programs save lives. A 2008 U.S. Justice Department analysis found that crime fell 16% in areas that started a Neighborhood Watch program compared to those that did not."
Lott shows how ridiculous Hollywood can get: "Some of Hollywood’s bias is comical; in this show a woman asks a federal agent if he's worried about not having his gun in a gun-free zone when he's facing professional killers." In the clip, the woman asks the agent, "You sure about this no-guns thing?" He answers, "Bad guys won't have them either."
Lott asks rhetorically, "Bad guys won't have them either? Seriously? Has a bad guy ever seen a 'No Guns Allowed' sign and turned around? In the show, the killers obey the signs and leave their guns behind. But in real life, gun-free zones only encourage criminals; they serve as a magnet for criminals. Virtually all the mass public shootings in the United States since 1950 have occurred in places where general citizens are banned from having guns."
Lott concludes, "Hollywood bias is everywhere, and it endangers lives by misleading people on guns."
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