New York City Is Looking To Ban Chocolate Milk From Schools

Is there anything New York City won’t ban? The city’s continued war on joy is now taking aim at chocolate milk.
CBS New York reported Monday that the state’s Department of Education is considering a ban on the chocolatey drink because of the high sugar content. The outlet reported that the city considered such a ban back in 2006 after it banned whole milk.
“Chocolate milk has about 10 grams more sugar than regular milk and children should limit their sugar intake to about 25 grams,” nutritionist Reyna Franco told the outlet.
Childhood obesity is an actual epidemic in the country, but bans and taxes on food and drinks that kids like, such as sodas and juice, haven’t helped. Kids aren’t getting enough exercise at home or at school.
Parents, naturally, told CBS they thought the ban was preposterous.
“The lunches have improved incredibly,” mother Lori Horsely told the outlet. “I don’t think chocolate milk is going to make or break the kids’ eating. I think they should leave it alone, let them have something."
“They prefer the chocolate milk, obviously, so if that’s the way you’re going to get the calcium into the kids, I say go for it,” she added.
NBC New York reported that kids are currently served skim milk or chocolate milk. Skim milk has 90 calories per serving, while chocolate milk has 120 calories per serving, but eight grams more sugar.
“While the idea may be well-intentioned, both parents and experts say that it is not a necessary change. Norma Reid-Archibald, a dietician and nutritionist with NYU Langone Hospital Brooklyn, says that the ban is a bad idea because students need the calcium,” the outlet reported.
Reid-Archibald said: “I need them to have another option — there’s calcium, vitamin, potassium. All important.”
She added that city officials shouldn’t be worried “about the sugar for this particular meal … because it’s a minimum part of their overall daily intake that these students are consuming.”
No decision has been made, NBC reported.
“Our priority is the health and well-being of our students, and every day, we offer a variety of healthy, delicious, and free meal options that exceed USDA standards,” the New York Department of Education told the outlet in a statement. “No decision has been made about chocolate milk."
San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; and Rochester, Minnesota have already banned chocolate milk from local schools. Los Angeles and Detroit previously had banned the beverage but reversed their policies.
"LA was because of the cost of dealing with the waste which was reduced once chocolate milk was reinstated and Detroit when a new school nutrition director was hired and saw benefits from the nutrition of milk," National Dairy Council spokesperson Lisa McComb told NBC.
Obviously, dairy farmers aren’t happy about losing some of their market share. The president of the New York Farm Bureau even sent a letter to Richard Carranza, chancellor of New York City schools, asking him to rethink the proposed ban.
The ban brings to mind photos of the sad school lunches forced on school children by the Obama administration’s changes to nutrition guidelines.
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