Liz Cheney Trolls Pelosi: Republicans ‘Look Forward To Democrats Winning An Awful Lot More Campaigns’

House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) took a jab at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wednesday after the California congresswoman tried to spin a recent Democratic loss as a win for the party.
"I was particularly interested to see Speaker Pelosi say that in her view that the Democratic candidate won the campaign in North Carolina, but just lost the election," Cheney told reporters during the weekly GOP leadership press conference. "And we really look forward to the Democrats winning an awful lot more campaigns like that because we feel very good about coming up with the wins in the election cycle."
Cheney's remarks come nearly a week after Pelosi praised House candidate Dan McCready after his unsuccessful run to represent North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District. McCready, a Democrat, lost by two points in the consistently red district — therefore far outperforming prior Democratic candidates in the district.
"I'm very proud of Dan McCready, he's a great patriot. He's an independent voice for the district that he would have represented," Pelosi said at the time. "It's too bad he's not coming here, but he did a great job."
"Actually, he came out ten points higher than our last three presidential candidates, so he won the campaign," she continued. "He didn't win the election, but he won the campaign."
Pelosi officially swore in McCready's Republican challenger, now-Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC), on Tuesday evening. Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), who won a special election on the same day as Bishop, was also sworn in. With the addition of the two North Carolina congressmen, the House is finally at full strength.
While updating reporters on the Republican conference following Congress' August recess, Cheney noted that the GOP is energized to not only prevent the government overreach promoted by the Democratic Party, but also to retake the House majority in 2020.
"We have a record of accomplishment for the American people … that our folks are going to be focused on and running on from economic growth, national security, regulatory reform," Cheney said. "It's a long list of very real deliverables for the American people that we've seen from President [Donald] Trump and from the Republicans."
The Wyoming lawmaker also took aim at her Democratic colleagues for shirking their constitutional responsibilities in pursuit of impeaching Trump and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
"[House Democrats] have been flailing around for a reason to impeach — I'd say blatantly trampling on the Constitution in doing that, and flailing around for a target," Cheney said. "We all saw that in these last few days with what The New York Times did to Justice Kavanaugh."
Accordingly, the Times published a report earlier in the week alleging that a friend of the Supreme Court justice pushed his genitalia into the hands of a female student while attending a party at Yale University in the 1980s. After publication, the newspaper issued an editor's note stating that the alleged victim reportedly did not recall the incident.
While the omission received widespread backlash, the majority of Democratic presidential candidates continued to call for Kavanaugh's impeachment over the flubbed report.
"[They're] completely sliming Justice Kavanaugh in a way that doesn't rise to any standard of journalism and obviously was just an absolute continued attack on him that they ought to be ashamed of," Cheney added.
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