He Was Married To A Bigamist For Two Months, Yet He Must Pay Her Thousands A Month In Spousal Support

Yet another example of how the family courts are stacked against men. 
Mark Athans was married to Charity Parchem for just two months in 2017, yet that Kardashian-length marriage could cost him tens of thousands of dollars. KPRC 2 reported that Athans said he was ordered “to pay Charity Lenee Parchem $96,000 in support and lawyer fees Tuesday morning or face the possibility of jail.”
The couple was married in August 2017 and divorced two months later, in October. The final divorce settlement, according to KTRK, required Athans to pay his ex $3,000 a month in spousal support. He told the outlet that “the appeals process would take up to two years, which is going to be $70 to $80,000."
Meanwhile, his ex has been criminally charged with bigamy and appears to have been married to at least one other man while she was married to Athans. KTRK reported that court records show Parchem has been married three times before she was married to Athans, but only divorced once.
Athans has filed a motion to get a judge to throw out the divorce settlement. His ex, naturally, has countered by asking the judge to continue to enforce the settlement.
“Why? What did I do wrong? I tried my best to do for somebody that I fell in love with that I thought had good intentions. She didn't," Athans told KTRK.
If Athans doesn’t pay his ex-wife, he could be thrown in jail.
“What am I supposed to tell my son? 'I'm sorry, son, but I've got to go to jail for 18 months,'" Athans told KTRK. "I'm not trapped. I'm up against the wall. My last resort was to bring this before the public. Hopefully, the public can show, if anything, how bad this has gotten. It shouldn't have gotten this far. The court is responsible for this."
Athans told KPRC 2 that he feels like he was scammed by Parchem.
“It was just a lot of deception that was not making sense to me," Athans told the outlet. "As a reasonable human being, she planned all this. I was a mark. She's lied and deceived all of us. She has lied and deceived other people. And she keeps winning. But the thing that worries us is she's hurting all of us. She's hurting you, she's hurting our family. What did we do to deserve that?"
Sadly for Athans, Montgomery County Judge Patrice McDonald refused to allow him to bring forward the bigamy charge during the divorce proceedings. He will have another chance to protect his life savings at the end of the month.
This is yet another example of the courts forcing men to unfairly pay women. The most common example is men forced to pay child support for children who are not theirs, such as this Texas man. Sometimes the men are able to prove they are not the father through paternity tests, yet they are still ordered to pay simply because they were listed as the father on the child’s birth certificate.
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