Hammer On ‘Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler’: Why Is No One Discussing Rising Anti-Semitic Violence In New York City?

On Thursday, Daily Wire Editor-at-Large Josh Hammer, who frequently opines on issues pertaining to Jewish politicsanti-Semitism, and Israeljoined "Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler" on One America News Network to discuss the astonishing rise in violent anti-Semitic incidents in New York City in the year 2019. 
Over this past week, there have been four violent anti-Semitic assaults in Brooklyn, New York. Wheeler and Hammer discussed why it is the case that anti-Semitic violence may be on the rise and, just as importantly, why political leaders — which, in New York City, are nearly exclusively Democrats — seem to barely be paying attention to the harrowing phenomenon.
Wheeler began by pointing out how "Democrats, on the campaign trail, constantly condemn hatred and bigotry and violence of any kind — and yet, when this [violence] is in their own district and it's anti-Semitism that motivates the violence, we hear nothing from them."
Hammer responded by pointing out just how dangerous the current phenomenon is, and also stressed how it is imperative that, no matter one's personal politics, all forms of anti-Semitism must be treated extremely seriously. Hammer singled out feckless Democratic Party leadership for harboring and nurturing toxic anti-Zionism, but also bluntly stated that anyone not treating all forms of anti-Semitism seriously should "shut up and re-evaluate his priorities," Hammer warned:
The Central Council of [Jews] in Germany actually [recently] advised German Jews to not wear kippahs in public — they literally said you should wear baseball caps for fear of not getting violently assaulted by Syrian refugees. But I didn't think we would get to the point where this might be a concern in New York City. New York City has the largest Jewish population of literally any metropolitan area in the world — the entire Jewish population in the broader New York area is almost that of the entire nation of Israel. It is that big. And we're getting to the point where it's becoming dangerous to literally wear a kippah, tzitzit, or any kind of public demonstration you are Jewish in the city with the world's largest Jewish population.
I don't know how we got here, but here's what we have to do. There are three main types of anti-Semitism in this world. There is far-right, neo-Nazi white nationalist anti-Semitism; there is Islamist, radical Muslim anti-Semitism, and there's anti-Zionist anti-Semitism. Anyone who is not taking all three strands seriously should shut up and re-evaluate his priorities, because all three need to be seriously dealt with and combatted. ... Right now, the alt-right, far-right white nationalist strand is the most violent — that's what happened in Pittsburgh and at the Chabad of Poway in California, but it is the anti-Zionist strand that is the most pernicious because it is not being quashed. It is not being eliminated, and is only festered and encouraged by the Democratic Party and leftist elites.
Wheeler followed up, asking Hammer whether the reason Democratic politicians are not condemning the rising anti-Semitic violence in Brooklyn is because, were they to do so, they would also have to condemn the anti-Semitism of up-and-coming Democratic stars like Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Hammer responded by discussing how part of the problem is that the identities of the anti-Semitic attackers do not fit a politically convenient narrative for the Left:
So my boss at The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, wrote a piece for our site last [November]. The New York Times actually wrote a piece on this last year — they made a stunning admission. The New York Times literally admitted that the reason why anti-Semitic hate crimes in New York City are not reported is due to the identity of the attackers — that it doesn't fit a convenient narrative. That is just astonishing and you know what? Leftist [Mayor] Bill de Blasio in New York City, I'm not gonna call him an anti-Semite, but he's indifferent at best. At best. It's true, he created a new ... task force that allegedly is going to crack down on this, but he's at least two years too late.
This year has seen an 83% increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes, year-over-year. Jews already, by the way, Liz, we are less than 2% of the U.S. population — according to ... FBI federal statistics, Jews are 58.1% of all religiously motivated hate crimes in America. That is almost shocking: That's three and a half to four times more than the second-most "hate crimed" group, if we can say, that which is the Muslim community. It's just astonishing — this is a huge problem and our politicians are totally feckless and not dealing with it.
Hammer On ‘Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler’: Why Is No One Discussing Rising Anti-Semitic Violence In New York City? Hammer On ‘Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler’: Why Is No One Discussing Rising Anti-Semitic Violence In New York City? Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on September 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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