Female reporter gets dragged for asking (a very angry) Nancy Pelosi about gun control legislation

Tal Kopan is a veteran of both CNN and Politico and is now the Washington correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle. It wouldn’t seem that far out of the ordinary, then, for her to approach Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday about where the House stands on gun control legislation. Apparently, Pelosi was not a fan of the question.
Asked Pelosi about not bringing the House back in August to work on guns and she was maybe the angriest I’ve seen her:
"Don’t ask me what we haven’t done, we have done it…Sen. McConnell hasn’t acted, why don’t you go ask him if he has any regrets for all the people who died.”

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Was Kopan forced out of Politico and CNN because she’s a conservative? We really doubt it. But now she’s being pummeled with accusations of partisanship and misogyny for not asking “Moscow” Mitch McConnell what he’s done about gun control.
She’s right. I saw her response and her impatience is righteous. Why not stalk the Republican Senate on this issue. As she said the House did their job in February. What was McConnell’s answer when you met him walking out with cameras? Or... didn’t you ask...

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This is what internal misogyny looks like....blame a woman, who got the job done, and not the man, who isn't doing his job.

Women reporters, you know better, you need to do better.

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Wow, more than 550 likes for that one.

Well, why don't you? Seriously. Why are you tweeting about this instead of holding McConnell's feet to the fire? *He's the one who will not let it come to a vote*. What is WRONG with you?

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Is it a correspondent’s job to hold a politician’s feet to the fire?
This wasn't worth a tweet or a story, it's just cowardice. Confront Mitch and hold his feet to the fire. Had you all done a better job reporting the GOP obstruction toward President Obama, I doubt we'd have an in the WH now.
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I love that @SpeakerPelosi frequently and rightfully calls out the press on one of their favorite underlying themes: Democrats didn’t do enough; Democrats are ineffective. I’ll bet you still didn’t and won’t ask him.
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I’m with Nancy, and I get why you’re being dragged here. Couldn’t you have formed a better question such as “What are your plans to pressure to take up gun reform?” That would be better news.
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ALL OF YOU JOURNALISTS: TALK TO MITCH. Write about how unAmerican it is to block EVERY F-ING House bill. How unAmerican it is to let people get slaughtered in the streets & DO NOTHING. How unAmerican to NOT protect our elections & give Putin a green light to have his way with us.
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That is what you get for asking intellectually dishonest questions. She made you look foolish and that is what your deserved.
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She’s right. You cowards flock around Pelosi, second guess her, question her about every republican transgression while McConnell, McCarthy, Jordan, Meadows, Grassley, King just walk by. Even you women don’t see the misogyny in how Pelosi is treated. It’s mob mentality.
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Why don’t you ask ? Harass him not her and learn how the government works. Good on @SpeakerPelosi for putting you in your place.
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You are playing into McConnell's hands. He's using you. Do better. The country needs stronger reporters who can focus on the issues. Reporters being afraid of old white men in power is not what we need. I trust you learned something from your encounter with Speaker Pelosi. ✊πŸ½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™
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She has every right to be angry. That wasn’t even a reasonable question. She did what she was supposed to do. Her heart and rhetoric has been in the right place on the issue for decades but our complicit media won’t even look McConnells way. Y’all have no courage. We see you.
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You deserved that. I know it's almost impossible to get people to do better, but ffs, DO BETTER. Be the one fucking reporter with enough guts to face down McConnell.

In a world full of yammering both-sidesers, be Nellie Bly. We need Nellie Bly.
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Isn’t there one reporter with the guts to question this maniac?
I agree with her. Why are journalists always asking these questions of the wrong people? It’s like you coddle Republicans and go after Democrats who are actually doing the work.
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Was it you the one with the question? If the answer is yes, then you and every other stenographer who asks those idiotic questions completely deserve a good kick in the ass by Pelosi.

In fact, she's got too much patience.
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She’s right. Leave her the hell alone on guns. Target . People are dying as a result of his inaction.

Ask her why they didn’t come back for impeachment. We’re at great risk. His criminality & divided loyalty continues. Democracy dies as a result of her inaction.
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Of course she’s angry. And the 4the estate is doing the lousiest job of my lifetime. Up your game and hound the man who’s blocking progress, that would be @senatemajldr
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So far we have a correspondent who’s supposed to “stalk,” “hound,” and “target” politicians on issues. Republicans are so lucky to have the media on their side.

Female reporter gets dragged for asking (a very angry) Nancy Pelosi about gun control legislation Female reporter gets dragged for asking (a very angry) Nancy Pelosi about gun control legislation Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on September 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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