Eric Swalwell grotesquely uses Texas massacre as basis for snarky dig at good guys with guns

Rep. Eric Swalwell has a history of comically bad takes and failed attempts at "owning the cons" on Twitter. And he is not one to let something like death and sorrow to get in the way of his untouchable record streak of fails, as we saw on Sunday when he decided to make a sarcastic, snarky, no doubt in his mind witty jab at the idea that a private citizen in possession of a firearm might be able to use it against someone committing a crime or attacking people.
Per his milieu, it was inappropriate, insensitive, ill-conceived, ill-timed, and just enough to make anyone ill.
That is, anyone who isn't similarly prone to childish and gross outbursts.
Seven people were killed, and 22 more injured in Odessa, Texas on Saturday, when a madman went on a rampage, shooting randomly at victims across the city after being pulled over by police for driving erratically.
On Twitter, Democrat politicians were in gun control mode very quickly, and in the case of some (Beto O'Rourke, for example) they were also in fundraising mode, raising funds off the deaths.
Swalwell retweeted an O'Rourke tweet and commented about the need to get rid of "assault" weapons, and a Twitter user replied to him about open carry.

That's when Swalwell decided to open the snark locker for some reason.

See what he did there? Because the shooter was stopped by law enforcement in a shootout, he's sarcastically offering thanks to civilians with guns. "You know who you are. Thanks a million." Get it?? IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE THEY DON'T EXIST.
That's the joke Swalwell made. That's the snarky sarcastic jab he opted for in the wake of human suffering. Because that's what he really thinks, you see. He mocks the idea that a civilian with a gun could pull a trigger and shoot a bad guy.
And the reason isn't because he thinks the bad guys are very dangerous, he is saying that people who own guns are all bad guys. It's not just a joke that there weren't any civilians specifically intervening on Saturday. No, his premise is that there is no such thing as a good guy with a gun because good guys don't have guns.
That's what he thinks. And what he said, in his best "angry lib on Twitter" on voice.
Swalwell is essentially an internet troll who somehow got elected to office. If he weren't a member of congress he'd be that guy you blocked two years ago for haranguing you incessantly.
In the wake of violence in America, there is never any shortage of bad behavior or bad decisions on social media. But the king will never be deposed, because this is how far he's willing to go, and because this is what he actually thinks.
And he's in Congress.
But "nobody is talking about taking guns away" they'll keep saying as they try to do that very thing. Because they believe in disarming bad guys. And by bad guys, they mean you.
Eric Swalwell grotesquely uses Texas massacre as basis for snarky dig at good guys with guns Eric Swalwell grotesquely uses Texas massacre as basis for snarky dig at good guys with guns Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on September 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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