Call for Dead Cops Rings Out After NYPD Officer Shot in the Line of Duty

An altercation in New York City left one police officer with a gunshot wound and an armed suspect dead, sparking a cry for the police officers’ deaths.
According to the NYPD account, the entire confrontation started out as a seemingly routine domestic violence call. Officers responded to a call Tuesday morning with a woman reporting she was the victim of domestic abuse.
Although the alleged abuser fled, police were able to quickly find him by driving the woman around the area.
When officers attempted to arrest the man, later identified as Gregory Edwards, he responded with violence. A taser was fired and failed to bring Edwards down. It was at this point he pulled a pistol.
Officers jumped to push the gun away from bystanders, and it fired twice. This prompted immediate return fire from police, which eventually left Edwards dead on the ground.
In all the chaos, 30-year-old officer Vanesa Medina was struck in the wrist.
After she was rushed to the hospital, the New York Post reported the situation became increasingly tense.
About two hours after the shooting, a gathered crowd jeered and taunted community affairs officers at the scene, calling them names and accusing them of covering up a wrongful shooting.
“All of you can die,” one person said.
Images from the NYPD show the suspect, armed with a pistol. Later investigation would find the gun wedged under a tire, appearing to have jammed after the first two shots.
This is the gun recovered at the scene where a police officer was shot this morning while addressing a domestic violence complaint.
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As for officer Medina, she made a full recovery.

Medina was greeted with a cheering crowd of her fellow officers after being discharged from the hospital. After what must have been an emotional roller coaster, she was in tears at the sight.
After being shot in the wrist during a gunfire exchange with a criminal in the @NYPD120Pct, Officer Vanesa Medina was discharged from @RUMCSI to a standing ovation from her fellow cops and loved ones.

We commend her bravery and wish her a full and speedy recovery!
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Thankfully Medina was not fatally wounded, despite the wishes of the ravenous crowd.
Law enforcement officers’ duty puts them right in the line of danger every day to protect everyday citizens, even when those same citizens turn around and call for cops’ deaths.
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