WATCH: Screaming Leftist Sends Latest ‘Change My Mind’ Off The Rails, But Illustrates Important Point

In the latest installment of the "Change My Mind" series, the Crowder team set up their table and cameras near the White House with a sign that read: "Trump is not a racist. Change my mind." 
Right from the beginning, a man wearing a pink bandana bearing the phrase "no religion," as well as a homemade anti-Trump shirt, used his megaphone to yell at Crowder. The man stated that his name was Bruce, but he wanted to be called "Jesus Christ."
Despite Crowder's multiple attempts to get this man to engage in a civil manner, he would not. As a result, Crowder moved on, and spoke with a woman from the Netherlands about her agreement with the president regarding immigration.
[More on Bruce later]
CROWDER: You seem pretty passionate in your responses here. Now, he just said – and I was trying to reiterate to make sure that I understood him correctly – but I think you all heard him say that if you support Donald Trump, you are a racist. So, you heard that, and you said that you do support Donald Trump to one degree or another. Why, and what do you make of what this man is saying?
NETHERLANDS: Because I agree with his immigration policy. I'm not from America; I'm from the Netherlands. So, but in Europe, we have had open borders, and my parents came here – my mom came here the honest way. She worked; she didn't live on welfare; she always worked for her money. My father took two jobs.
So, then we had open borders; we had people coming in here living off child benefits – my parents worked for those benefits. You let people in from all cultures out there, and they don't assimilate. You've had problems –
CROWDER: So, when you hear President Donald Trump say, "We need to secure our borders. We need to make sure that illegal immigrants..." you don't hear that as "brown people."
CROWDER: You hear that as "illegal immigrants."
CROWDER: And you agree?
CROWDER: That sounds entirely reasonable.
NETHERLANDS: I'm from Europe. We [had] terrorist attack after terrorist attack. After France, that was [horrible]. After Paris; after Manchester. So, a terrorist can come in and blow up teenage girls at a pop concert, right? That's normal?
CROWDER: How long have you been in the United States?
NETHERLANDS: I’m here on holiday – but I've been here ... this is the ninth time. My parents are American lovers, and my parents came here when I was little...
My parents are immigrants. I was born in the Netherlands, but I support strong [borders] – if you don't have strong borders, you don't have a country. Europeans are too weak; they are too comfortable. After World War II, you know, there are too comfortable. They don't protect their borders. They think, "Everybody should come here." Why?
CROWDER: Well, it could be because they're afraid of being accused of being racist, like you're seeing there.
NETHERLANDS: Europe is political correctness as a continent. 
Eventually, Bruce sat down to speak with Crowder. He contended that President Trump is a racist, and implied that Steven Crowder was only attempting to rationalize Trump’s alleged racism in order to make himself feel better about supporting the president.
CROWDER: I don’t buy it, that Donald Trump’s a racist.
BRUCE: Why? Because he might not get elected if people believe he's a racist. That’s why you don’t like it?
CROWDER: No, that’s not why – I don’t believe that he’s a racist. If you’ll sit down –
BRUCE: It feels uncomfortable, you know, to feel like you're a racist because you support Donald Trump. Is that why?
CROWDER: If you sit down, the onus is on you to change my mind. That’s the whole idea. So, you rationalize your argument.
BRUCE: Part of it. Part of changing your mind is revealing your motives as to why you don’t want to see Trump as a racist. You have motives – yeah, you do. You definitely have motives. You want to get Trump elected, right? You’re a Trump supporter; you want to see him get elected. You don't want people to think he's a racist ... because if they think Trump's a racist, and you’re a Trump supporter, they're gonna see you as a racist. You don’t like how that feels. So, you're motivated to convince people Trump's not a racist. Whether he's a racist or not – you couldn't give a crap. 
After Bruce continued to monologue, and cut Crowder off multiple times, security stepped in to remove him. Bruce then became extremely agitated, and claimed he was going to press charges. However, the police officers in attendance who watched footage of the exchange told Bruce that if he pressed charges, he would be arrested as well.
While Bruce was often incoherent and rambling during his time on "Change My Mind," Crowder noted that his ideas were right out of the Democratic playbook, concluding the video with a montage of progressives, including Democratic presidential candidates Beto O’Rourke and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), making claims about President Trump’s alleged racism.
WATCH: Screaming Leftist Sends Latest ‘Change My Mind’ Off The Rails, But Illustrates Important Point WATCH: Screaming Leftist Sends Latest ‘Change My Mind’ Off The Rails, But Illustrates Important Point Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on August 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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