'Racist Monster': Samantha Bee Compares President Trump To El Paso Shooter

Comedienne Samantha Bee of "Full Frontal" television fame launched into yet another anti-Trump rant on Wednesday night, during which Bee compared the president to the deranged shooter who recently committed a mass atrocity in El Paso, Texas. 
According to The Daily Beast, Bee opened her show by highlighting a recent story out of Manhattan, where people in Times Square were sent scrambling in fear of a potential gunman when the sounds a backfiring motorcycle resembled a gunshot.
"Get rid of the guns!" Bee proclaimed.
With that, Bee quickly launched into a tirade about gun violence in America, how Republicans are terrible, and how Donald Trump is a racist. She took particular issue with President Trump's speech in the wake of the El Paso shooting — especially his statement that "mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun."
"We are so sick of living in fear for no goddamn good reason," Bee said. "It’s very clear what the problem is, despite the usual attempts by the president and others to pin the blame elsewhere."
"Right, the gun didn’t pull the trigger because that is physically impossible," Bee replied. "Unless maybe it had one of its ribs removed. But the gun did put the bullets into people, mental illness did not. As far as we know, the El Paso shooter wasn’t mentally ill at all. Being a racist monster isn’t a mental illness. In fact, you can be one and be a ‘very stable genius.’" 
At that moment, the television behind Bee featured a previous tweet of President Trump's, in which he referred to himself as a "very stable genius" — therefore implying that the president is a "racist monster" just like the El Paso shooter.
"Stop trying to make this problem more complex than it is," she continued. "We know what causes mass shootings and you do too. It’s the guns, stupid. Video games are not to blame for shooting or assaults or hate crimes. They are not that influential. My college boyfriend played 'Mortal Kombat' all the time and he never learned to finish me."
Bee then hit President Trump for promoting stricter immigration laws while talking about gun control. 
"A compromise that gives everyone a win, including the El Paso shooter, who called for tighter immigration laws in his manifesto," said Bee. "This was one of the deadliest hate crimes against Hispanics in our country’s history. Using it to give our xenophobic president a win would be a slap in the face. It would be like if we passed reparations for slavery but only gave them to Mel Gibson."
"Trump and the Republicans have laid out a clear solution to end gun violence," Bee concluded. "First, cure the mental illness they invented, then get rid of video games, the internet, plus transgender people, same-sex marriage, drag queens, marijuana, kneeling athletes, and Barack Obama — and while we’re at it, all embrace Jesus Christ as our savior. It’s just that simple! Well, how about this? Get rid of the guns. If not, come November 2020, we’ll just get rid of you."
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