CNN guest says President Trump is becoming a 'Hitler' and a 'fascist Frankenstein' in unhinged rant

Harvard and Princeton professor Cornel West said that President Donald Trump is becoming the American version of Hitler and a "Fascist Frankenstein" after the controversial chant at his North Carolina rally. 
West made the comments as a guest on CNN Friday with Anderson Cooper.
"I just find that chant so depressing and we've all seen this kind of thing done before," said Cooper, "you know, send them back was said to the Irish, it was said to Italians at the turn of the century who came in waves, it was said to the Chinese, it was said to every wave of immigrants who have come to these shores who are now embraced as Americans, and their descendants now are saying send her back to this congresswoman.
"When you heard that chant, what, I mean how do you explain that?" he asked.
"I'm like you, brother, I'm very grim and down and out," responded West.
"But I said to myself I need to be more fortified in the name of more consistency, spiritual witness and political courage. And I said to myself, I will not stoop so low, that when Fred Trump, and when Maryanne Trump, and when [first lady] Melania Trump came as German, as Scotch, as Slovenian that I would not want to say to them you have to go back," he explained.
"I've been here nine generations as a black man, enslaved, Jim Crow, James Crow, at the center of the American experiment, at the center of the Democratic experiment, I'm not gonna stop so low to be in the gutter with Trump. We have to be very clear though this is not just a matter of Trump as racist, and I was sad to see the Democratic party couldn't just call him a racist as opposed to saying his words are racist, that was a bit weak for me," West continued.
"But Donald Trump, Brother Trump, is at this moment becoming the American version of a Hitler and a Mussolini, we have created a Fascist Frankenstein," West exclaimed, "and I say we, it's not just the decrepit Republican party with all of the collaborationists and the facilitators."
West went on to mock Republicans that he thought were complicit in the president's policies.
"They have adjusted themselves to a profoundly unjust pro-fascist way of being in the world in terms of being lawless," said West, "hiding and concealing and rationalizing this kind of unadulterated raw hatred."
The president later said that he didn't like the chant and claimed that he tried to speak faster in order to move on during his speech at the rally.

Here's the video of the bizarre statement:

CNN guest says President Trump is becoming a 'Hitler' and a 'fascist Frankenstein' in unhinged rant CNN guest says President Trump is becoming a 'Hitler' and a 'fascist Frankenstein' in unhinged rant Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on July 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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  1. The top 50 execs at CNN are virtually all Jews. So when you hear this kind of falderol, you know where it's coming from.


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