Bernie Busted for Big Lie on Debate Stage

The first round of 2020 Democrat campaign debates has come and gone, but the stench from that hot, steaming disaster still dwells among us.
And I fear it shall for some time.
From anger to hypocritical pretentiousness, from disingenuousness to outright foolishness, the debate illustrates that the Democratic party hasn’t yet found itself. It certainly hasn’t found a debater who can stand out on the stage.
Correction: The party hasn’t found a debater who stands out in a good way.
One would think that with years to prepare, the candidates would have honed their talking points and done their research. But alas, one would also think that Joe Biden would have stopped touching people. 
One of the most notable examples of a Democrat crash-and-burn was from the #FirstClass Socialist, Bernie Sanders. He was, as usual, orchestrating an argument that riches are bad and that the solution is to force all the bad, mean wealthy people to give their money to the government. In so doing, the Vermont senator made a bold assertion.
“Eighty-three percent of your tax benefits go to the top 1 percent,” Sanders said.
If your antennae stood up when he said that, you have finely tuned antennae. A Fortune fact-check of Sanders’s statement found it was horribly wrong and deceptive.
“That statistic is not close to true now,” Fortune reported. “The Vermont senator is referring to 2027, not the present day.” 
Fortune suggested that Sanders’ statement is based on a Tax Policy Center projection that predicts “in 2027 the top 1% of earners would get 83 percent of the savings” from the 2017 tax cut bill.
According to Fortune, Sanders “did not include that critical context in his statement.”
And why should he? He’s running on a platform of class warfare and the utopic benefits of socialism now. Why muddy the water with facts and clarity?
It would be inconvenient for Sanders to tell the truthSocialism always fails.
It would be far less comfortable than sitting in first-class plane seats for Sanders to admit that tax cuts actually create jobs
It’s far easier for Sanders to whine about the rich getting disproportionate tax cuts if he doesn’t tell the truth that the same group is paying a more disproportionate amount of taxes.
When the truth and facts don’t back up your personal philosophies, you only have one choice — run for president as a Democrat.

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