‘Take a seat next to Farrakhan’! Rosanna Arquette tries to out-AOC AOC by shaming Jews over detention centers

Since progressives don’t already have enough of a reputation for being hostile to Jews, here comes washed-up actress Rosanna Arquette to stir the pot a little bit more. Not only is she taking a page from AOC’s Big Book of Disingenuously Invoking Concentration Camps, but she’s shaming Jews who aren’t sufficiently outraged by detention centers at the southern border:
Children are sick and dying inside the cruel concentration camps in the united states of America this will be the trump administrations legacy .
Any Jewish person who can turn their backs on this evil and does nothing to stop it ,should be ashamed of themselves.

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Nicely done, Rosanna.
Of course the plight of the children is indefensible but Trump's actions have zero to do with Jewish people.

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What the hell is this? Turning Trump's atrocities against children into an attack on Jews. Unbelievable

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The detention centers are not evidence of “Trump’s atrocities against children.” Children are in those detention centers because their parents chose to break the law. But we’ll agree that Arquette using detention centers to slime Jews is definitely “what the hell”-worthy.

How can you simultaneously talk about social justice & ignoring concentration camps while stoking racial hatred against Jews & scapegoating them as a collective? What kind of rhetoric do you think leads to the very issue you’re rightly condemning?

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No, it’s OK, because for your information, Rosanna is a Jew:
Because many are upset that we use the words concentration camps ,I’m a Jew for your information.
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So, that makes it OK to shame Jews who happen to have a problem with invoking concentration camps when discussing a situation that isn’t even remotely comparable to the Holocaust?
Oh yikes! I’m Jewish and not turning my back. That said, I think that there is room to not equate every horrible act to the holocaust. If you’d like to blame me for wishing to separate what we call horrible acts, then I suppose you’ve alienated me which may be your goal.
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Hi @RoArquette, so you mean non-Jews can look away?

Actually the only one who should be ashamed is YOU, for invoking the memory of 6 million murdered Jews to make cheap political point. Maybe you should visit Auschwitz and learn what actually happened for yourself?
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Have you had some sort of breakdown? What hell has being Jewish got to do with this abomination? UR blatantly racist.Take out word Jew & insert any other minority word. You’d never post that. How to make a valid political point Then shoot it in the foot (and the head)
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We’re sure he’ll keep the seat warm for you.
‘Take a seat next to Farrakhan’! Rosanna Arquette tries to out-AOC AOC by shaming Jews over detention centers ‘Take a seat next to Farrakhan’! Rosanna Arquette tries to out-AOC AOC by shaming Jews over detention centers Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on June 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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