Teacher Puts up Massive Sign on Classroom Door Warning Students Not to Spoil 'Endgame'

People are cracking up at this student's post about a teacher who went through some serious lengths to ensure that his students didn't spoil Avengers: Endgame for him.
I'm not someone who really minds getting movies or TV shows spoiled for him. It's not like I'm actively seeking spoilers out or anything, but if it gets "ruined" for me by accident, I'm not really going to care all that much. Personally, I like seeing how the movie plays and how the effect of what the director's going for is achieved, than the actual plot points of the film.
That doesn't mean I don't totally understand other people who aren't into having movies spoiled for them, especially when it's a super hot film like Avengers: Endgame.
So say that the Marvel film is one of the most anticipated films of all time, if not all time, would be an understatement. Infinity War set super crazy stakes and shattered box office records, and Endgame just shattered yet another one.
In a single Friday, Endgame earned a walloping $157 million, and I expect it to easily hit $400 million before Monday, April 29th, and probably over $2 billion worldwide before its finally pulled from theaters.
I haven't seen the movie yet because I'm waiting to watch it with my wife, even though I do know, by word of mouth and looking up some spoilers online (for work). There are tons of people who are adamant about watching the movie with someone special. Like Twitter user @Kamilious' teacher.
The man couldn't watch Avengers: Endgame right away because he was waiting to see the film with his brother. Trouble is, he had to wait till the following Wednesday, which, to a huge Marvel fan, might as well be a year down the road.
The thing about students is that a lot of them don't have jobs, and a lot more free time than adults. Which means they're probably going to get a chance to watch a movie before a grown-adult who's got bills to pay and a home to maintain.
This particular teacher was so adamant about students not spoiling the movie for him, he posted a huge sign on the door of his classroom reminding kids that in no way shape or form can they tell him what happens in Avengers: Endgame. He doesn't want a "single frame" of the movie spoiled and promises that anyone who does, will wish that Thanos put the snap on them.
@Kamilious' tweet blew up, like, a lot, because pretty much everybody on the internet could relate. There were some people who tried saying that the teacher was "bullying" his students, something that @Kamilious immediately show down, saying that everyone knew it was a light-hearted joke. Mostly.
Some people took a little less of a happy-go-lucky approach when it came to Avengers Endgame spoilers, however. 
Marvel fans were livid at one viewer in Hong Kong who watched the movie before them and saw fans walking into the cinema after him.
He thought it'd be a good idea to spoil the movie's surprise ending for everyone right as they were about to walk in. Apparently, the folks on line didn't think so, so they decided to beat the ever-loving hell out of the man for his cinematic transgression.
There were tons of people online who applauded the movie-goers for putting a hurting on the dude who thought he was being funny, while others thought that the response was going a tad bit too far.
What do you think? Does someone deserve to get super-kicked or Stone Cold Stunnered for ruining the conclusion of Endgame? Or is that a bit much?
I really don't care if someone spoils it for me, just don't say a thing to my wife or try to get me to watch it with you without her. It's not gonna happen.
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