Polling in Distant 3rd Place, Kamala Desperately Lashes Out at Fast Food Restaurant

The loud radicals of the increasingly leftward-lurching and identity-focused Democratic Party have made it abundantly clear that they no longer have any time or consideration for old, white, heterosexual males.
Nevermind the fact that the top two candidates for the party’s 2020 nomination to take on President Donald Trump are both old, white, heterosexual males.
The first non-white, non-male candidate with even a glimmer of hope at the moment of securing the Democratic nomination is California Sen. Kamala Harris, who according to the latest Real Clear Politics average of polls sits in a distant third place behind the two old, white, male frontrunners — former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Current polling averages showed that Biden and Sanders respectively enjoyed 29.3 percent and 23 percent support among the Democratic Party base of voters.
Meanwhile, trailing far behind both of them is Harris, with a mere 8.3 percent support.

That rather dismal positioning in the polls for a candidate that, given the left’s current predilections with regard to identity, should be solidly at the top of the standings, may very well have caused Harris to act in desperation for much-needed attention and essentially declare war on the largest fast food restaurant chain in the nation, if not the world — McDonald’s.
Bloomberg reported that Harris was one of several Democratic candidates who addressed the crowd of predominately union workers at an event over the weekend in Las Vegas.
The event was sponsored by the influential Service Employees International Union and the leftist Center for American Progress Action Fund.
Harris was asked a question about what she might do as president to get major companies to actually sit down and hold productive conversations with employees about unionizing and raising minimum wages, a primary focus of the SEIU-backed “Fight for $15” movement that has long listed McDonald’s as a top target of their efforts.

Harris said, “You can’t go around talking about the Golden Arches, as a symbol of the best of America, when you are not conducting yourself in the best way in terms of supporting the working people of America.”
Except, McDonald’s has supported the working people of America, often by granting young workers their first real job, a job which, it should be noted, has never been intended to be a long-term, family-supporting career for anybody, save for those few who climb the ranks to management or become a franchise owner.
As noted, the SEIU has long had its sights set on McDonald’s as a target for unionization and higher wages.
While the union has enjoyed limited success in certain areas with its efforts to raise minimum wages, it continues to struggle to implement that forced wage increase on the national level.
For its part, McDonald’s has thus far managed to resist the demands to allow its employees to unionize, and while the corporation has in the past opposed the effort to increase the minimum wage, it recently announced that it would no longer actively lobby against that effort.

One reason why McDonald’s and countless other fast food restaurant chains have opposed unionization and across-the-board national minimum wage increases is that the chains are typically composed of entirely separate franchises that are independently owned and operated.
Harris, like many of those who blindly support the demand for a nationwide $15 per hour minimum wage, seem to overlook the fact that each franchise has its own labor costs and often-thin profit margins that must be factored in with numerous other variables when it comes to setting wage rates, as employee wages are not paid out of the central corporate coffers, as some seem to mistakenly think.
Indeed, as has been seen repeatedly over the past few years, a franchise or small business forced to raise wages to a level not supported by the local market would soon find itself in the position of having to increase prices, cut employee hours, lay off some workers entirely, or even go out of business altogether.
The same results are more likely to occur if employees unionize and demand higher wages and more benefits that the owner may be unable to afford.
Almost certainly due to her position of having to play catch-up to the strong polling lead held by Biden and Sanders, Harris has opted to try and out-left Sanders on his flank instead of moderate herself to the center to take out Biden. To do so, Harris has adopted increasingly authoritarian rhetoric and far-left positions on issues.
Whether it’s supporting single-payer Medicare-for-All health care — with the abolishment of private health insurance — or a vow to use executive orders to implement gun control, or allowing convicted felons in prison the right to vote, or attacking “right-to-work” state laws in favor of forced union membership for certain workers, Harris has grown increasingly desperate to take attention away from Sanders and Biden.
Unfortunately for her, singling out an iconic American fast food restaurant chain over the manner in which they have decided to manage their corporation and employees is probably not the best way to appeal to the broad swath of voters in the middle who will be the ones who truly matter when it comes time to cast a vote in the elections.
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