Mom says school bullies cut 8-year-old daughter’s hair off: ‘Who would do something like that?’

A Philadelphia mother is speaking out after bullies at her daughter’s school allegedly chopped off chunks of her daughter’s hair with scissors. But she says her pleas with school and police are being heard on deaf ears.
"Nothing is happening. Nothing is being addressed,” Yamina Zahir told ABC6 Philadelphia.
According to Yamina, her 8-year-old daughter, Amina, has been the victim of bullying for over a year at Commodore John Barry Elementary. However, the bullying escalated to a new level when her daughter came home from school on April 24 with a large patch of hair missing from the back of her head.
“Who would do something like that?” said Yamina. “If you could see the back of my daughter’s head she doesn’t have any hair there.”
Yamina’s daughter claims her teacher did not respond after she reported that a fellow female student had cut her hair with scissors. After learning this, Yamina took it upon herself to speak to Amina’s teacher and school counselor. She even called the police —and she says no action was taken.
“Someone is really going to get hurt out of this situation,” a distraught Yamina tells ABC6. “She could've stabbed my daughter. Anything could've happened.”
However, Commodore John Barry Elementary disputes the claims that the bullying or the incident happened at all. According to a statement ABC6 Philadelphia obtained from the School District of Philadelphia, the school investigated the matter and “found no evidence the hair cutting took place at the school.”
“The safety of our students is our number one priority... We at the school district take bullying very seriously. The school has no official reports of bullying involving this student," Lee Whack, the Deputy Chief of Communications, told ABC6.
In a statement to Yahoo, the School District of Philadelphia mentioned the lack of official bullying reports, but did not clarify whether or not evidence has been found. “School staff are committed to working with the student and her family to ensure a safe, welcoming and inclusive learning environment for her and all students,” a spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle.
Yamina’s distress about the escalation of her daughter’s alleged bullying follows national news of 13-year-old Kashala Francis who died two days after she was brutally attacked by fellow students outside her Houston middle school. The stricken mom is now publicly speaking out against Commodore John Barry administrators, who she believes have not taken serious enough action against the harassment her daughter has faced. She says she’s even filed a report with local police.
Mom says school bullies cut 8-year-old daughter’s hair off: ‘Who would do something like that?’ Mom says school bullies cut 8-year-old daughter’s hair off: ‘Who would do something like that?’ Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on April 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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