N-Word Spewing Vegas Cop Arrested for Recording Man’s Genitals, Making Mentally Ill Man Twerk

A Las Vegas police officer will face felony police misconduct charges after authorities discovered she was running background checks for her civilian friends, making racist and homophobic jokes and sharing demeaning videos of suspects with friends, including footage of a man’s genitals and forcing a mentally ill person to dance.
According to KVVU, on March 14, Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer Rachel Sorkow was charged with a long list of crimes dating back nearly two years. Sorkow is accused of looking up addresses, arrest records and license plate information on potential boyfriends or girlfriends of her friends and family on at least 19 occasions. She also reportedly used the long and short version of the n-word, although the Las Vegas Sun didn’t specify if Sorkow used the colloquial term or the more formal word ending in -er.
Even though she was her family’s personal Equifax, looking up a case of child abuse to inform her buddies of the children’s names and telling a felon if he was on the police’s radar, it seems as if Sorkow got her real kicks out of sharing humiliating videos of Las Vegas citizens with her friends. Apparently, the Oscar Winner for Best supporting Asswipe missed the part of her police training where you always erase the video and say there was a malfunction because authorities found seven different videos of four different people on the neophyte comedy director’s phone. Her impromptu videos include:
  • An April 2017 video where she made a mentally ill person do the “Dougie,” Superman and twerk while she recorded. In text messages with other officers and friends, Sorkow shared the video and called the person a “shim.”
  • In November 2017, a video allegedly shows Sorkow forcing a man who is already handcuffed to eat jellybeans. When asked by investigators about the incident, Sorkow explained: “That’s not malicious, again, like … that’s just who I am, I like joking, I joke all the time.”
  • In January 2018, Sorkow responded to a woman who called the police for domestic abuse by asking the woman how much she weighed and inquiring if the woman ever thought about appearing on the reality show My 600-Pound Life. After telling the intoxicated woman to lift up her shirt and expose her stomach, Sorkow recorded this encounter and sent it to at least eight people.
  • In May 2018, a video reportedly shows a black man with a rip in his pants. Sorkow allegedly zoomed in on the man’s private parts and tells him to kick, so the rip can expose his genitalia. After she arrests the man, she asks, “What’s up my nig?” Police say Sorkow then used the longer version of the word and asked the gentleman: “And what are black people?”
Police charged the budding cinematographer with five counts of misconduct by a police officer, one count of indecent exposure and one count of capturing another person’s private area. Her lawyers told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she will fight the charges.
Sorkow was released on $5,000 bail and was relieved of her pay in December when the investigation began.
While she has not heard anything from America’s Dumbest Criminals (Little known fact: that was the original name for Cops—not the television show, the profession), Sorkow has sent her resumé and reel to The Real Douchebags of Las Vegas.
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