Teenage drag queen reveals how he overcame haters who spat at him while growing up in Grimsby

A teenage drag queen has spoken about the challenges he has faced while growing up in Grimsby.
Kieran Miller, 18, has been dressing as his alternate persona, Dixie, for the past two years - but says he had the idea for much longer.
He has bravely revealed how he has faced down 'haters' with some people even spitting on him, Grimsby Live reports .
Kieran's dramatic transformation sees him change from teenage lad into a tall, striking figure complete with platform boots and purple hair.
He has won awards for his live act, which includes includes lip syncing to Cher and sawing people in half.
"I remember being obsessed with pantomimes when I was younger, particularly the dames. That was the first time time I became interested in the idea of men dressed up as women for entertainment. Everything grew out of that," he said.
"When I started cross-dressing two years ago, I started experimenting with that sort of dame makeup style, and then became more natural looking.
"Lots of drag queens have 'drag mothers' when they start out who teach them about makeup, but I didn't have that. I had to learn from tutorials on YouTube. I am helping other people who are starting to experiment now though."
Putting on Dixie's hair, makeup and outfit typically takes Kieran, from Cleethorpes , between two and a half and three hours.
He began performing in July and was soon crowned Miss Black Country Pride 2018 - however walking down the street in drag can still be a challenge.
"The odd people always make comments. Some people have blamed my parents for me doing this so young, which is hurtful. I've also been spat on at 11pm on the tube in London, which shows that even more accepting places have intolerant people," he said.
"I have had amazing responses - people have told me I'm an inspiration and they look up to me - but you get the people who don't agree with it and have no shame in showing you that.
"When I came out as gay, I was called every name under the sun and got a lot of hurtful messages. They're easy to dismiss on social media, but less so in person."
Kieran says that Grimsby has next to no drag scene and the attitudes of local residents can be difficult.
"It's a shame there isn't a Pride event in Grimsby , as quite a few people here do identify as LGBT. We're looking at starting a Rainbow Night at the Moon on the Water soon to be a safe space for people like us," he said.
"I'll be performing at the opening night but I'm always a little bit on edge putting on a show Grimsby because of the comments you can get."
Kieran has been booked at both straight and gay venues around the country. Besides lip syncing to the likes of Cher and Abba, he has a twist to his act which gives him an edge.
"The drag scene in places like London and Manchester can be very competitive, so I decided I needed something to stand out. I was interested in magic when I was younger, and my grandma encouraged me to make it part of my act," he said.
"In my next show, I will be sawing one of my friends in half - I have a big persona, so I need big stage illusions to go with it!"
"I would never have done this before I became a drag queen - I wouldn't have been brave enough, but I use the costume as a mask to give me confidence."
His advice to anyone in a similar situation is to take their time.
He said: "It was such a massive weight off my shoulders when I came out as gay, but everyone comes out at their own pace. Don't feel pressured to come out, just do it when you are ready.
"There will be a lot more people who love and accept you for who you are than you would originally think."
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