This iPhone Conversation Between a Random Kid and Stranger at the AT&T Store Is Hilarious

One of my favorite things to do at the Apple or AT&T store is to text charitable organizations from their cellphone plans to donate money to those affected by disasters. You'd think I'd be weighing the pros and cons of buying an iPhone 8 vs. an iPhone X, or figuring out how to screenshot on an iPhone X because it doesn't have a home button (seriously, how is it done?). 
But nope, I'm just there to build my own personal brand of Robin-Hood-ism.
I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't dispute the charges on the company cellphone plans in the stores (I can't imagine I'm the first with this idea), but it gives me something to do while I wait for whoever I'm at the store with to get their iPhone screen fixed for the millionth time.
But as Twitter user Demi Lomeli discovered, there are plenty of other ways to have fun at a cellphone store.
She happened upon a text conversation someone had with a friend of theirs. They used the dummy phone at the store to text them.
The person on the other line understandably wanted their number deleted from the phone and their friend acquiesced.
Only they didn't.
And as luck would have it, they ended up getting text messages from this awesome kid while in class.
After some genuinely hilarious insults, the young man sent some wonderful pictures to the poor student who was just trying to pay attention in class.
But how are they supposed to when they're getting quality selfies like this one sent their way?
You've got to admire that the kid for having to problem pestering a random individual and sending them pictures of his face.
The student on the other end begs for the incessant selfies to stop, but it looks like the kid is just getting started.
Honestly, if I started getting random funny photos from a total stranger, I don't think I'd mind. I mean, it depends on the type of photos I'd be getting... Actually, never mind. If I ever was in a situation where I'd have to explain why a hairy Eastern European man has random children's pictures on his phone, I don't think it'd end well for me.
After getting their fill, finally, of the kid's pictures, the student had enough and begged him to stop sending them.
But what they couldn't have expected was this kid to deliver the best quote of 2018: 
F*** school, I'm a rapper.
Lomeli isn't the only one to happen upon an accidental text conversation.
Alex Sparrow was involved in an inadvertent correspondence himself when he thought he emailed his professor an assignment, but instead, this happened.
By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late, the deed was done. The cat was out of the bag and in the professor's inbox.
As Sparrow's luck would have it, however, the professor found the cat endearing and ended up allowing him to resubmit his assignment.
Guess he has a weird grinning cat to thank for his 100. Now, who said that memes were a waste of time?
This iPhone Conversation Between a Random Kid and Stranger at the AT&T Store Is Hilarious This iPhone Conversation Between a Random Kid and Stranger at the AT&T Store Is Hilarious Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on August 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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