Face-Off With A Deadly Predator (11 Pics)

This Is Paul Nicklen, And He's A Photographer For National Geographic.

 He's known for some pretty amazing photos.

 Seriously, Best. Job. Ever. Can you imagine all the places in the world you get to see and all the experiences that would let you grow as a person?

Paul Was Assigned To Photograph Wildlife In Antartica.

 He wanted to photograph seals, so he jumped into the water and a leopard seal swam up to him.

At First, Paul Thought He Was Probably Going To Die.

But he stayed chill and waited (shaking) to see what would happen.

When Paul Showed No Threat To Her, The Seal Seemed To Begin To Feel Sorry For Him.

Maybe she thought he was a helpless animal looking for food.
 The seal brought him penguins to eat, but, of course, Paul being a non-penguin eater passively declined.

The Seal Seemed To Panic Because She Didn't Want Paul To Starve To Death, So She Brought Him Food For Four Days!

These two don't even know how to walk in each other's shoes or understand each other's language, and no one taught them to relate to each other, but somehow they seem to care for each other. If only for a moment. No harm, no foul.

If These Two Can Care For Each Other With A Language Handicap, Just Think About What We Humans Can Do For Each Other.

Hear the story from Paul himself:

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