50 Things That Look Just Like Childhood

Orange Tapes 
See-through phones
Ridiculously uncomfortable blow-up furniture
A towering bowl of French Toast Crunch
Ridiculously fashionable choker necklaces
The hardest game you’ll ever play
And the hardest mountain you’ll ever climb
These literary classics
This amazing fast food prize
Or this amazing cereal prize
These tools for creating artistic masterpieces
Or this computer program for creating a masterpiece (or Paint to be honest)
Or this beautiful work of art
Balancing birds
The original iPod
A chat with an online robot
Pierre Escargot, in all his glory
The original text message
The stickiest high five you’ll ever get
The leaning tower of cheeza
A robot dog that does tricks
This waiting screen
Or this waiting screen
Your first castle

Or this flying toy
A pair of these bad boys
A brand spankin’ new pack of cards
A classroom full of thumbs raised
A pixelated little blob
Crazy gumball eyes
A tall glass of this good stuff
A big ol’ bowl of dinosaur eggs
These pieces of fancy silverware
Parachute day
This rag-tag team of appliances
And this rag-tag team of animals
A rainbow koosh
This ancient artifact
These beautiful smells
Best day of school
Best screen saver
Halloween buckets
A box full of lasers
THE slide at Discovery Zone
This brand new car
A butt scooter (and best way to bust a knuckle)
The only map you’ll ever need
And terrifying Gushers commercials
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